Beginner yoga: here are the easiest postures to get started

Do you want to learn yoga to gain flexibility, tone the silhouette and gain serenity? Postures, where to take a class, how to practice at home… Follow the advice of Camille Raaberg, yoga teacher in Paris.

Yoga has been a popular discipline in recent years and is gaining more and more followers. Yoga allows you to become aware of your body, to the end of your toes“, explains Camille Raaberg, yoga teacher. “It also refocuses and shuts down your mind as well. Everyone should practice!”

What are the conditions for taking up yoga?

No physical condition is required to start practicing. On the other hand, if you suffer from scoliosis, osteoarthritis, etc., it is better to discuss it with a health professional before starting. emphasizes the teacher. “We often have the impression that to do yoga, you have to be flexible, but it is not necessary. Everyone can take a course, the teacher adapts his practice and offers variations so that it is accessible to all. .” It is therefore as the sessions progress that one gains in strength and ease and that “one becomes aware of one’s body.”

What type of yoga for beginners?

There are many different yoga practices and it’s not always easy to know which type to turn to. “To start, it can be interesting to test several courses in order to know what you like”.

  • the vinyasa yoga is dynamic, but can be difficult to follow when you start. It can be interesting for people who are afraid of being bored.
  • The hatha is a little more posed and makes it possible to understand the postures.
  • The ashtanga can appeal to people who care about having a good alignment“, recommends Camille Raaberg. Before adding: “a private lesson can also be a good option as it allows you to better explore your practice.”

What postures are recommended for beginners?

There are no postures more accessible than others because it is unique to each person. For example, Child’s pose looks easy but for runners or for those who ride a bike, it’s a difficult asana.” underlines the expert. It is therefore better when you start mastering basic postures.

Downward facing dog

Get on all fours. Raise your knees and raise your pelvis to the sky. Feet are hip-width apart flat on the floor, arms straight, and hands firmly planted in the mat.

The warrior 1

Standing on the mat, step one foot back at a 45 degree angle. This leg should be straight while the other is bent forward. Raise your arms to the sky, hands together.

The warrior 2

Same stance as Warrior 1 except the back foot points outward at a 90 degree angle. The arms are stretched at shoulder level.

The warrior 3

The back leg is straight and stretched to be in line with the torso which is leaning straight forward. The goal is to form a line. The arms are bent and the palms in prayer in front of the torso. The support leg is stretched.

“He All you need is a mat, two blocks, a strap and a comfortable outfit“, advises the yoga teacher. Then morning or evening, it all depends on the pace of each “In the morning, it’s pleasant, it launches the day. In the evening, it calms the mind, it’s rejuvenating.”

Where can I find beginner yoga classes?

“Yoga is not classified by level. A good course is a course accessible to all. If you go to the studio, do not hesitate to find out which teacher is the most accessible. Online, the distinction is often made between all levels and intermediate for a more advanced level. Do not hesitate to start with short formats easier to follow at the beginning”, encourages the expert. Before concluding “If you didn’t like your first class, don’t give up. There are a lot of different practices and yoga is also very much teacher-related.”

Thanks to Camille Raaberg, Yoga teacher at Slowe Wellness House and founder of the yoga brand Asanade Paris.

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Beginner yoga: here are the easiest postures to get started

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