Cello and yoga workshop!, February 18, 2023, .

Saturday, February 18, 2023
from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
. paying

50 euros

Cellists of all levels: deepen your practice of the instrument through the prism of body and posture.

This course has been designed to try to propose solutions to the following problems:
– pain due to instrumental practice
– blockage of breathing during the game
– specific technical difficulties

– stress handicapping instrumental playing (trembling or sweaty hands, technical blockages due to stress, etc.)

and for those who would like:

– discover specific exercises/stretching pre or post work on the instrument
– solve technical problems using appropriate and targeted exercises, while considering body movement and the involvement of the body

– learn the practice of Iyengar yoga, very complementary with the practice of the instrument: opening of the chest, stretching of the spine, alignment, sitting posture, etc.

Course of the course “Yoga and cello”:
1/ 1h30 session of Iyengar yoga with Magali Duclos: warm-ups, stretching, focus on exercises that allow you to put yourself in the right conditions for working on the instrument
2/ 1h30 of cello work with Duo Brady around the question of posture and the body at work. Everyone is invited to bring the piece of their choice (classical or not) and the spotlight will be put on how the body gesture can become more flexible, and where the right gesture can help solve technical problems.
3/ 30 min break and snack
4/ Continuation and end of the work on the posture and the pieces on the cello
5/ Stretching and relaxation with Magali Duclos

The Brady Duo

The Duo Brady, a cello duo born ten years ago, evolves on the borders of chamber music and jazz.

The music of Michèle Pierre and Paul Colomb, from the CNSM in Paris and the HEMU in Lausanne respectively, is imbued with their classical and chamber music culture but it is also instilled by other influences due to their eclectic backgrounds (school of Jazz Le Havre JUPO, master classes Vincent Segal, Richard Galliano, oriental music lessons, jazz classes in Nantes, etc.).

The use of the cello without the addition of other instruments induces a fruitful freedom of expression and a great sonic exploration. Indeed, they write and improvise music inspired by what they love: jazz, pop, contemporary music, rock… and try to express all these influences with their instrument. Alternately, the cello becomes double bass, guitar, oud, and even orchestra!

Drawing on their experience with groups and artists from different worlds, from classical (Extended Mirrors, Duo Solea) to jazz (Fred Pallem and the Rite of the TympanumFiona Monbet, quintet of Daniel Mille, Sandra Nkake and Ji Dru) via tango (Roberta Roman TrioJean-Louis Trintignant show), Michèle Pierre and Paul Colomb will release their first album “Plaines” in 2020.

Michèle and Paul produced, in December 2020 – at the heart of the second confinement – ​​the documentary “And the cello in all that?”, a collection of testimonies from 12 cellists which echoes all the live performance.

The documentary was very warmly received by critics (Télérama, France Musique, Europe 1…).

The two musicians have written the music for several plays in which they also take part in the staging: “Still how many stars? », show by the Amarante company around the theme of exile, and « Colère noire », presenting texts by Brigitte Fontaine directed by Gabriel Dufay.

The duo has been organizing a friendly outdoor festival for a year in the famous Parisian “Passage Brady”, from which they take their name: “Passage Brady en Musique”.

Magali Duclos

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