What music should you choose for your yoga session at home?

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What music should you choose for your yoga session at home?

Should you listen to music during your yoga session at home and if so, which one? We can divide yogis into two categories, those who like to practice yoga to music and those who think that music has no place in yoga class.

While music is universal, not everyone agrees on how it should be used and where it belongs in yoga practice. If you want to know what types of music to favor during your yoga practice at home, here are some areas for reflection.

What is the role of music in your yoga practice?

Music or no music?

You should know that no traditional yoga style encourages listening to contemporary music during practice. Some yoga disciplines like Bikram and Ashtanga even banish it completely.

Yet in Western yoga classes, as well as some more modern styles of yoga, music is often seen as essential. Many currents of yoga advocate silence to calm the mind so that it can move towards meditation. But depending on the person and the sensitivities of each, silence can sometimes prove to be a constraint.

In this case, music can be a good support for concentration. Thus, for some, listening to music during the yoga session is an indispensable element that they need to deepen their practice.

The best way to determine what works best for you is to practice yoga with and without music and experiment with different types of music depending on your mood and desire.

Music to promote the connection of the senses

During your yoga session, music can play a vital role in the experience. To better understand the level of impact it has had on every yogi during practice, just look at the importance music has in our daily lives.

Besides serving as a medium for communicating our thoughts and ideas, it also helps to set you in the mood, which is fundamental to reaping the full benefits of every yoga practice.

According to the tunes produced by the music, it can arouse various emotions and influence the mood. Using music can heighten the senses and therefore make you more receptive to sounds and vibrations from the outside world. You can thus gradually develop your spiritual awareness.

Music to boost your motivation

Music can sometimes give you the boost you need to get started. If you practice yoga, but it’s a day when you’re sorely lacking in motivation, maybe the solution is to launch your favorite playlist!

The music will then transport you, inspire you and motivate you. On average, 3 out of 4 people enjoy practicing yoga with music. If you practice from home, this is the perfect setting to create your own yoga playlist tailored to your musical tastes.

What types of music should you choose during your yoga session at home?

If you practice alone in the comfort of your home, choosing uplifting music can encourage you to expand your practice. Choosing the right yoga music for your session will largely depend on your preferences.

Another factor to consider when choosing yoga music is the type of yoga you practice. If you are doing yoga for meditative purposes, you will naturally tend to gravitate towards soothing music. On the contrary, if you practice a rather dynamic yoga, you will be more in search of rhythmic music.

The types of music most frequently listened to during a yoga session

Meditation or background music

Calm and soothing, meditative music is by far the most popular musical choice for yogis. This type of music is characterized by nature sounds and other relaxing melodies that bring serenity to your practice.

ethnic music

These musics are based on various cultures and ethnicities around the world. One of the most commonly used ethnic music for yoga and meditation is traditional Indian music. It infuses spirituality into your practice and allows you to reconnect with the roots of yoga.

Classical music

Many people enjoy listening to classical music while practicing yoga. Classical music is known to positively stimulate the brain and produce a calming effect, which makes it ideal for a yoga session.

binaural music

It essentially consists of two different frequencies, each beat of which is directed to one of the two ears to create a relaxing and stimulating effect on the brain. This music is beneficial for your yoga and meditation practice. It has both a positive effect on your mental awareness and on your physical state. It is recommended for people with sleeping troubles and anxiety.

Electronic music

Often repetitive and devoid of words, electronic music provokes a state of trance that will release dopamine and make us want to move. The rhythm of electronic music that varies between quieter moments and more intense peaks allows the brain to be soothed and stimulated at the same time. It is therefore an excellent choice for a dynamic and intuitive yoga session.

Upbeat music to suit your tastes

Pop, rock, hip-hop or other: like electronic music, this type of music lends itself well to the practice of dancing flow as in Vinyasa yoga. It will bring rhythm and energy to the practice. The music accompanies the body to fluidify the movements and the transitions between each yoga posture.

Everyone has their own taste in music. Whether you like to practice yoga in silence or to music, the main thing is that you end up on your mat.

If you don’t have inspiration for choosing your yoga music, know that music streaming platforms are full of yoga playlists to test. Otherwise, just try to put on your favorite songs to motivate you or relax. Good mood effect guaranteed!

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What music should you choose for your yoga session at home?

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