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An amazing experience to discover in Vaujany this winter: outdoor yoga, in the snow. A great way to unplug your mind, to connect intimately with nature. And to stimulate your inner energy, facing the sumptuous landscapes of the Grandes Rousses massif.

“After an outdoor yoga session, my senses are more developed. I feel in direct connection with the earth under my feet, and the universe above me”, explains Marina Tschaen, yoga teacher at Vaujany.
To feel the benefits of this practice yourself, meet every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at the dome of the ice rink, for a free initiation session, after registering for the welcome drink at the tourist office. on Sunday.
Marina Tschaen’s yoga is a little different from the one we usually know in France. Called Yeaa yoga (Yoga between Americas and Asia), it comes from Native American and Tibetan traditions. “This dynamic yoga, which I encountered during a trip to Mexico, helped me to rise from my ashes after a very difficult period, like a phoenix. I now want to pass on the benefits it brings,” confides Marina.

Connected and disconnected in Vaujany Actumontagne
The only sound of breathing… ©OT Vaujany

Recharge for the year

The course of the initiation sessions? After breathing exercises, comes a time for stretching the body. Then movements evoking the elements of Amerindian medicine: fire, water, air… Then, Marina Tschaen begins an original muscular reinforcement, which follows the meridians, and boosts the energy system. Followed by an evocation of totem animals such as the eagle, the bear or the jaguar: everyone puts themselves in the shoes of one of these animals. The session, which lasts one hour, ends with a chanting meditation, stimulating the energy flow and body heat.
These different phases are experienced in the dazzling setting of the winter mountains, which gives an additional dimension to the practice: a communion with the beauty of the world.
Marina Tschaen also offers two yoga sessions at particular times of the year, on the ski area, in Montfrais. January 17, just before the new moon, and March 21, for the vernal equinox. “The goal is to clean what we have to clean in ourselves, and to recharge our energy for the year”, she specifies.

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Closer to the sky and the mountains

In Oz-en-Oisans too, you can benefit from a free introduction to outdoor yoga, given by teacher Élodie Gelès, every Tuesday at 2 p.m.
After a ten-minute walk, the group settles in the middle of nature for a one-hour yoga session. On the program, breathing and alternating calm and dynamic times, which allow you to disconnect your mind and leave completely calm. “We take off the 4G and we connect to something much bigger: nature”, smiles Élodie Gelès, who also supervises yoga sessions in Vaujany on request, and adds: “the magnificent place where we practice allows to be closer to the sky and the mountains is priceless!”
Jeanne Palay
Office of Vaujany: 04 76 80 72 37. Marina Tschaen: 06 74 82 43 76. Élodie Gelès: 07 66 55 27 80.
Photos: ©OT Vaujany

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Vaujany is labeled Terre de Jeux Paris 2024. This allows it to host training courses in fencing, triathlon and road cycling. Both for French and foreign, Olympic and Paralympic athletes. A great recognition of the resort’s assets.

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Connected and disconnected in Vaujany – Actumontagne

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