Quiz: choose your favorite color, we’ll tell you in which anime universe you would reincarnate

Quiz choose your favorite color well tell you in which

Published on September 16, 2022 10:40 a.m. By Flavie Piet You probably know the genre “Isekai” which means “other world”! In these stories, the hero finds himself thrown (for example after reincarnation or a connection to a game) into another world. And if you were reincarnated, in which anime universe would you fall? Balance your … Read more

Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity?

1663168477 Which sports shorts to choose according to your physical activity

The choice of a sports outfit is far from being anecdotal. Cut, material, color, and above all the sport practiced are the main criteria to be taken into account. And women’s sports shorts are no exception to this rule. Indeed, for your sports shorts to be your best ally in the practice of your physical … Read more

Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum: which one to choose?

Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum which one to choose

Long used in ancient times by spiritual masters, the pendulum would be a divinatory accessory whose properties vary according to the material of composition and the size. If you are interested in the use of a divinatory pendulum, you will still have to decide beforehand on the ideal material for you. It is clear that … Read more

Which Ice Cream Flavor to Choose According to Your Zodiac Sign | BPD Moms

Remember this list the next time you don’t know which flavor to choose! In summer, there is nothing better than a good ice cream to cool off and have fun! On the other hand, we don’t always know which flavor appeals to us the most once we get to the dairy counter… To remedy this … Read more

Essential oil: which one to choose according to your astrological sign?

Essential oil which one to choose according to your astrological

Aries (March 21 – April 20) With their go-getter and determined nature, Aries is perhaps the Zodiac sign the most energetic. So inevitably, he is also the one who can most easily fall into depression and burnout if he does not know how to take care of himself. We advise him : eucalyptus essential oil … Read more

Diet according to the astrological sign: choose the right foods for you according to the stars and the elements!

Diet according to the astrological sign choose the right foods

Wait ! You have probably heard of a lucky plant based on your zodiac sign. Or astrological manicure. Or dress according to the stars. But have you heard of the diet according to the astrological sign? The principle is very simple and direct: eat according to your astrological sign. If you love the stars and … Read more

Which moisturizer to choose according to your astrological sign | Your little look

Did you just finish your jar of body moisturizer and need to buy a new one soon? Why not trust the stars to choose your new moisturizer?! This amusing list is to be taken lightly, of course. I chose to associate certain characteristics of each sign with a cream according to its texture and/or smell. … Read more