“By heart”: Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini entirely at the service of authors

By heart Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini entirely at the

Isabelle Huppert in “By Hearts”, by Benoît Jacquot. LOZENGE FILMS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – TO SEE Nowadays, famous actors are no longer so much mysterious, indecipherable and untouchable stars. They deliver their manias on the couch of American presenter Oprah Winfrey, share their breakfasts on social networks and support great causes by evoking … Read more

Ésotérisme. L’astrologie et le tarot au service de votre carrière ?

Esoterisme Lastrologie et le tarot au service de votre carriere

La journaliste Lucy Thackray a pris rendez-vous avec Annie Ridout pour une consultation et raconte son expérience dans les pages de The Independent. Annie Ridout est coach de vie et conseillère en carrière. Pour elle, “la magie est la clé du succès”. Elle sort un jeu de tarot, Lucy Thackray, très sceptique, pioche une carte qui … Read more

Kiki’s Saddest Delivery Service Moment Ever Happened In The Book | Pretty Reel

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The moment on Kiki’s delivery service where she loses her powers is perhaps the saddest moment in the film, but it never happened in the original story. The saddest moment in Studio Ghibli’s hit movie Kiki’s Delivery Service never happened in its source material. Kiki’s Delivery Service is arguably one of director Hayao Miyazaki’s most … Read more

In Togo, the Benedictine monks of Dzogbegan at the service of an integral ecology

In Togo the Benedictine monks of Dzogbegan at the service

Danyi-Dzogbegan Ascension Abbey, Togo (drone image)/Abbaye de Dzogbegan Reportage For more than 60 years, the Benedictine monks in Togo have maintained a special relationship with nature and take care of the ecosystem in which they live their vocation. At Ascension Abbey in Danyi-Dzogbegan, 185 km from Lomé and 50 km from Kpalimé, Brother Jean Christophe … Read more

In Reunion, plants at the service of good and evil

For centuries, healers and herbal tea makers have been using plant pharmacopoeia to heal themselves. But, for the followers of witchcraft, the use of plants is quite different. On rare occasions, it can even lead to murder… “Bois de rempart, une Plante assassine de La Réunion” is broadcast Monday at 6 p.m. on La1ere.fr and … Read more

The Pope to the Gendarmes: never extinguish charity in service – Vatican News

The Pope to the Gendarmes never extinguish charity in service

Francis celebrated Saturday afternoon Mass in the Grotto of Lourdes in the Vatican Gardens for the Corps of Gendarmerie, on the occasion of the birthday of the patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. He launched an appeal to always renew their vocation: “Otherwise, this bad thing happens to us priests: we get used to it. … Read more

Roadburn : deux décennies au service de l’innovation musicale – RADIO METAL

Roadburn deux decennies au service de linnovation musicale

Après deux ans de pause forcée pour l’industrie du live et une édition en ligne, le Roadburn a repris du service cette année. Depuis son émergence à la toute fin des années 1990, le festival néerlandais piloté par Walter Hoeijmakers s’est imposé dans le monde entier comme un événement unique, dédié au doom/stoner d’abord, puis … Read more

Dialan on Channel. Arnaud Gabriel, cartomancer and exorcist at the service of others

Dialan on Channel Arnaud Gabriel cartomancer and exorcist at the

By Nathan Blouin Published on 16 Sep 22 at 8:20 The Voice of the Bocage See my news Follow this media To answer his clients’ questions, Arnaud Gabriel draws seven cards, which he arranges in the shape of a cross, echoing his Christianity. ©The Voice the Bocage Upon entering his house at Mesnil Auzoufin the … Read more

Les animaux sont-ils au service de l’Homme ?

Les animaux sont ils au service de lHomme

Quels rapports les musulmans et la pensée islamique entretiennent-ils  avec les animaux ? « Les animaux sont-ils au service de l’Homme ? » questionne Nazzam dans un texte du site Mutazilisme.fr que Mizane.info reproduit avec leur aimable autorisation.    La question, éminemment intéressante, permet de réévaluer la place de l’Homme sur Terre. Le monde animal, quant à … Read more

Slow sex: orgasmic meditation, mindfulness at the service of shared pleasure

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

Since the beginning of the summer, our series of podcasts 7 keys to meditation and the teaching of neuropsychologist Steven Laureys, highlights the benefits of meditation, for the different aspects of existence. But what about sexuality? Can meditation play a role in this, bring its benefits? Yes, if we believe Olivier Mageren, trainer in orgasmic … Read more