Slow sex: orgasmic meditation, mindfulness at the service of shared pleasure

Since the beginning of the summer, our series of podcasts 7 keys to meditation and the teaching of neuropsychologist Steven Laureys, highlights the benefits of meditation, for the different aspects of existence. But what about sexuality? Can meditation play a role in this, bring its benefits? Yes, if we believe Olivier Mageren, trainer in orgasmic meditation, who explains his subject of expertise.

An engineer by initial training, Olivier Mageren is also certified in clinical sexology and in relational and intimate coaching obtained from the ULB. He is convinced that listening, although being a central value, is struggling in our societies. And he is determined to take the complexity out of talking about sexuality to put it back at the heart of well-being. This is also the objective of the Love Health Center, created during the 2010 decade with Camille Bataillon, which aims to be a space for fulfillment rich in information and training around sexual issues. The one on orgasmic meditation is part of this program. Olivier Mageren is currently the only orgasmic meditation coach in the entire kingdom. He tells us what it is.

As part of a slow sex movement, this practice, which can also be found under the abbreviation OM, originated in California in 2004, where this “procedure” was developed and registered as a trademark (Orgasmic Meditation) by Nicole Daedone *. Remember that, in theory, orgasmic meditation is not masturbation or a preliminary to a sexual relationship. His goal is not to reach orgasm, but to explore the path to it.

A framed practice

The course of this training is very strict without however being so. To understand, let’s describe one of these sessions.

An initiation session lasts precisely 15 minutes and takes place in pairs – a man and a woman or two women. The partners are in a relationship or not, know each other more or less, but in any case, choose each other mutually. No partner is imposed on the other, the intimacy of the practice requiring total trust and relaxation vis-à-vis the other.

The woman is naked from the waist down, her legs in a butterfly position. For 15 minutes, the partner caresses and puts pressure on the clitoris of the lying woman. Before each adjustment – ​​pressure, position of the fingers etc – the partners announce what they are going to do. These adjustments are the only verbal interventions during these minutes.

During this quarter of an hour, the two partners observe their own sensations and those of the other, and the feelings in their bodies. Their emotions. Their connection. To oneself, to the other. The idea and to live the experience while being aware of living it and observing oneself living it.

The only goal is to be present, curious about oneself, about the other. Judgment, comparison or performance research are banned from practice. The partner must not seek to induce or prevent any sensation, orgasm or otherwise. Because the goal of OM is not to reach or make reach classic orgasms, but to facilitate access to orgasmic states.

The benefits

This practice would bring a better awareness of oneself, of desires. Either a better perception of sensations passing through the body, sex. It would also have the virtue of leading to better communication with others and to a better understanding of oneself and of one’s partner. Some argue that this daily practice would promote a hormonal shower, in particular of oxytocin, this famous hormone of attachment, which would have the effect of awakening deep desires. Sexual desires, but also desires that affect every aspect of daily life (professionals, food, etc.).

However, this practice also the subject of controversy.

If you are curious to know how a group session goes, listen to this episode of the show The feet on the ground of France Culturedevoted to the subject.

RTBF Report – Orgasmic Meditation from MPLP we Vimeo.

The next orgasmic meditation learning day organized by Olivier Mageren will take place on September 27, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Terra Huma, 9 avenue Adrien Stas, 1350 Opr Jauche.

Price per participant: 75 euros

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* Businesswoman at the head of the company OneTaste, she and her firm are the subject of numerous controversies and legal inquiries.

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Slow sex: orgasmic meditation, mindfulness at the service of shared pleasure

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