Dialan on Channel. Arnaud Gabriel, cartomancer and exorcist at the service of others

To answer his clients’ questions, Arnaud Gabriel draws seven cards, which he arranges in the shape of a cross, echoing his Christianity. ©The Voice the Bocage

Upon entering his house at Mesnil Auzoufin the new town of Dialan sur Chaîne (Calvados), and by appearing at the table where he organizes his sessions, we do not yet immediately guess the scene that is taking shape.

The decks of cards laid out on the table, of course, give a clue. But these are not just any cards… As a good collector, Arnaud-Gabriel collected genuine collectibles to collect his tarot deck and indulge in his passion – which has become one of its professions –: cartomancyor the art of divination by drawing cards.

Early beginnings

“I’ve always loved cards, I started collecting them at a very young age, especially for role-playing games. Then, after taking a few lessons, I started fortune-telling with my first Tarot de Marseille deck, at 15“, he testifies.

success is immediate. “Overwhelmed by the requests” always more crazy from his young comrades, and “invited to student parties just for that”, Arnaud Gabriel reviews his way of proceeding. “When I was 17-18, I started charging 5 francs for a card draw. »


There, the first turn takes place. The demands change, become less playful, more serious. “These are people who really need an answer who have started coming to see me, with real issues, relating for example to their work or their relationship. »

Themes that always come up very often among its customers even today, 30 years after its debut.

After opening a practice in Caen 5 years ago, which “worked well but had to close following the consequences of covid”, he now receives at his home, in Mesnil-Auzouf, where he moved with his family in 2021. But if the clientele must logically renew itself, the method remains unchanged.

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“I can do sessions by videoconference or on the phone, but I like it less, it’s more austere. I prefer to travel to do it face to face. There, I begin by formulating prayers of protection for me, my family, and my client. As I am a Christian, I also invoke the Holy Spirit and use blessed anointing oil. »


Once this preparation phase has been completed, the cards are then drawn, after the customer has chosen the deck himself. seven cards will thus be drawn and decrypted, according to their drawing order, but others may be added to “cover” them and provide more details to the questions asked by the customer.

Also exorcist

But this kind of print is not all that the medium can offer. In addition to tarot classof the double clairvoyance sessions with his wifeor even clairvoyance evenings (where he is invited to a group of people for a more entertainment-oriented performance), Arnaud Gabriel can also practice… exorcism.

“It’s not something I appreciate, I do it more out of obligation, to help people in need, who find themselves on the verge of suicide or madness because of a harmful presence”, he specifies.

The knowledge he accumulated following his time in theology college, at a time when he wanted to “become pastor“.

“It is often friends of the person concerned who come to see me. Then, I go to her place and accompany her until she gets better, only charging for the first session. It’s not just fighting and repelling the evil spirit, there’s also a social side to it by making sure to help him reorient himself to his friends, to find a job. »

The social, an essential aspect

This social aspect, precisely, Arnaud Gabriel knows it well and cultivates it by exercising the work of night supervisor in a home for people with disabilities in Blainville-sur-Orne (Calvados), in addition to his status as a cartomancy auto-entrepreneur.

“We also created an association with my wife, Amethyst 14112, the purpose of which is to recover funds to offer them to other associations that are drawn by lot. Moreover, it is always within this framework that we agree to take part in trade fairs, as last July in Villers-Bocage, or in Bayeux on September 17 and 18, 2022. »

An initiative echoing their common Christianity, which the medium intends to continue to develop in order to show a another aspect of his profession.

“I would like to promote the art of divination, particularly through the courses we give. The goal is to show that it can be simple, that anyone can do it. And also to change its image, to reconcile it with religion. Personally, I have always succeeded in reconciling the two, without ever seeing any paradox. »

11 rue basse, in Mesnil-Auzouf (Dialan sur Chaîne). Website: eremita-caen.weebly.com

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Dialan on Channel. Arnaud Gabriel, cartomancer and exorcist at the service of others

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