Archive | The origins of the Tarot de Marseille and its symbolism

Archive The origins of the Tarot de Marseille and

The Tarot de Marseille, a world of symbols The first known tarot dates from the end of the 14th century. In 1392, a deck of cards was commissioned for King Charles VI. The Tarot de Marseille is made up of 78 cards: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. For Georges Colleuil, professor of philosophy … Read more

[VIDEO] Covid-19: clairvoyance, astrology, divinatory tarot… was the pandemic predictable?

VIDEO Covid 19 clairvoyance astrology divinatory tarot was the pandemic predictable

Why was a health crisis of such magnitude not “seen” or predicted? Difficult to translate it in these terms, but we realize today that certain signs were not deceiving… To this question that the whole world is entitled to ask, “Was the Covid-19 pandemic predictable?two astrologers, a clairvoyant, a computer giant, a drawing of divinatory … Read more

Clairvoyants: Between Tarot and Literature – Châtelaine

Combine divinatory art and Quebec literature? Audrée Wilhelmy and 14 other writers have dared with Clairvoyantes. The result is downright fun and inspiring. Quebec publisher Alto is bold. He throws the box Clairvoyants, which combines literature and the art of divination in a marriage that is out of the ordinary. It’s sort of a poetic … Read more