Building & digital twins: ecology is more than a facade

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What if we stopped turning our cities into superficial amusement parks? Yes, some facades have allure. But the vast majority of French buildings are above all thermal sieves. Faced with the disastrous environmental cost they generate, it is urgent to rethink our vision of construction to move towards a more virtuous offer. To do this, … Read more

In Togo, the Benedictine monks of Dzogbegan at the service of an integral ecology

In Togo the Benedictine monks of Dzogbegan at the service

Danyi-Dzogbegan Ascension Abbey, Togo (drone image)/Abbaye de Dzogbegan Reportage For more than 60 years, the Benedictine monks in Togo have maintained a special relationship with nature and take care of the ecosystem in which they live their vocation. At Ascension Abbey in Danyi-Dzogbegan, 185 km from Lomé and 50 km from Kpalimé, Brother Jean Christophe … Read more

Ecology: the fanatics of the climate Apocalypse

Ecology the fanatics of the climate Apocalypse

In his work on The intellectual origins of Leninism (Gallimard), the historian Alain Besançon had this famous formula: “Lenin does not know that he believes. He thinks he knows. » Wondering about the nature of modern political ideologies, he noticed that they combined two usually opposite characteristics: belief and knowledge. As knowledge, they claimed to … Read more