How “eco-spirituals” try to connect with the Earth to save it

1674927217 How eco spirituals try to connect with the Earth to save

“Eyes as Big as Plates” #Andreas (Norway, 2019). KAROLINE HJORTH & RIITTA IKONEN She was first a nurse, then an air traffic controller, private plane pilot, air safety analyst. Then, at 41, Florence-Marie Jégoux experienced what she calls “a beautiful inner collapse” : an ecological awareness, followed by another, “collapse”. Faced with this anguish of … Read more

Tax reduction, you have a few hours left to save Aleteia

Tax reduction you have a few hours left to save

Aleteia lives “by the grace of God”. The generosity of its readers must be sufficient to finance this media which is necessarily free in order to honor its missionary vocation. You have a few hours left to make a donation to Aleteia and benefit from a tax reduction for the year 2022. Do you know … Read more

A three-year-old child wants to save his cat and falls from the 10th floor

A three year old child wants to save his cat and falls

A three-year-old child died after falling from the 10th floor. According to initial findings, he would have tried to save a cat before falling. This Monday, October 17, the lives of two parents have turned into horror. Shortly after 1 p.m. that day, a three-year-old child died in the North. According to the first elements, … Read more

Gujan-Mestras: “Zeus”, the “guru”, who wanted to “save humanity” through sexual relations

Why Companies Should Offer Meditation Classes to All Employees

He called himself “Zeus”, like the king of the gods among the Greeks, and appreciated that his female disciples threw themselves at his feet. His Olympus, a temple hidden from view, was erected in a quiet corner of the Bassin d’Arcachon.Accused of being an all-powerful “guru” who seduced followers to better control them, drug them … Read more

Hossein (as) sacrificed himself to save humanity

Hossein as sacrificed himself to save humanity

Tehran(IQNA)-Imam Hossein (as) sacrificed himself to save humanity, beyond all boundaries of race, religion and nationality. Christopher Clohessy, a pastor and professor of Shia studies from South Africa, referring to the accounts that exist of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as), before and after the Karbala event, said: “From my view as a Christian seeker, … Read more – News – Economic mirror that has become a police camp: who will save Fikin?

mediacongonet News Economic mirror that has become a

Who will save the Kinshasa International Fair (FIKIN)? The question has remained on the lips for several years, with regard to the image offered by this fairground institution, which once played the role of the economic mirror of the country. Abandoned to its sad fate, Fikin has become a shadow of itself since the lootings … Read more

Tribune Libre – Carlos Ketohou: “The HAAC therefore failed to save the life of Joel EGAH” | icilome

FREE TRIBUNE: I’m going to tell my life… ”The HAAC saved the life of Carlos KETOHOU” this sentence, very deep in meaning, was pronounced with great regret towards me by the Togolese Minister of Human Rights, Christian TRIMUA. Interpreting it, it is easy to conclude that the life of Carlos in question was in the … Read more

Joseph Delteil and the Tuilerie de Massane: a heritage to save

” Lhe vine is the delicate plant par excellence. It requires constant care, a sort of manual intelligence or divination. Then, one fine morning, a frost, a hailstorm took everything away. In these worries, in this precariousness, the most humble peasant draws the meaning of a higher life. To know oneself at the mercy of … Read more

How to save energy from your washing machine? Our tips for doing laundry in an eco-friendly way!

How to save energy from your washing machine Our tips

Over the past few months, bills have increased significantly and will only increase in the coming months, which presents difficulties for many people around the world. It is therefore essential to know how to save not only money, but also electricity. So, how do you succeed in this often difficult task? Where exactly to start? … Read more