Adrien Taquet presents the child protection bill

Adrien Taquet presents the child protection bill

Recently, a public debate around the draft law on child protection was held at the Jules Ferry school in Asnières-sur-Seine. This discussion was moderated by Bénédicte Pételle, MP and rapporteur for the bill in question, and Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Child Protection. The two representatives of the presidential majority debated with the public … Read more

DRC: how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of “child witches?”

DRC how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of

They are the subject of scapegoats in their families. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where nearly 73% of the population lives below the poverty line, According to figures from the World Bank, some children are struck by a curse. Or rather, the political, economic and social context curses these children. Described as “sorcerers”, they … Read more

The Story of Shanti Devi, the Child Who Thought She Lived Twice

The Story of Shanti Devi the Child Who Thought She

Reincarnation, we have already heard of it and certain cultures around the world firmly believe in it. In India, one case of reincarnation in particular had even caught the attention of Mahatma Ghandi, that of Shanti Devi. Shanti Devi, born on December 11, 1926 and died on December 27, 1987, was an Indian woman who … Read more

Numerology, to better know your child and raise him serenely

Numerology is a very old tool that uses the birth name, all the first names of the child and the Date of Birth as a working basis. These elements make it possible to define our identity at the level of society and constitute the basis of the numerological profile. Thanks to simple calculations, numerology offers … Read more

Botticelli, itinerary of a child prodigy: a mystical end of the 15th century

WEBSERIES 8/9 – Le Figaro Special Edition devotes an exceptional issue to the painter of Spring. In The Mystical NativitySandro reveals the anguish caused to him by the execution of Savonarola. “I, Alessandro, painted this picture at the end of the year 1500 during the troubles in Italy, when the eleventh chapter of Saint John … Read more

Neo-shamanism, “Indigo Child”, “channeling”… The health crisis confirms the great return of New Age excesses

In fact, MIVILUDES points out that “The health crisis had an immediate impact, observable through referrals, more than a hundred of which relate to situations related to the subject. » Coaches, “traditional doctors”, and other gurus of all kinds have proved to be particularly skilled in exploiting the vulnerability of part of the population, adjusting … Read more