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”The HAAC saved the life of Carlos KETOHOU” this sentence, very deep in meaning, was pronounced with great regret towards me by the Togolese Minister of Human Rights, Christian TRIMUA.

Interpreting it, it is easy to conclude that the life of Carlos in question was in the hands of individuals who had decided to do with it what they wanted, but inadvertently the HAAC intervened for theirs. snatch…lol

The HAAC therefore failed to save the life of Joel EGAH. Men who think they own lives and who have the power to control the lives of others have made the life of the journalist what they wanted. He no longer lives. ”The HAAC could not save Joël Egah’s life. ”.

Beyond journalism, I had a spiritual relationship with the late Joel EGAH. We have often spoken of the Virgin Mary, the Blessed Sacrament and other less ”sacristic” supports of religion. This is why I am opening this parenthesis of tributes to him on this Pentecost Monday, the date of which June 6, 2022 (06/06/2022) recalls in mythical and mystical calculation the 666, number of the beast of the apocalypse. This day is a great day in apocalyptic belief. Eternal peace to his soul.

I titled this forum, ”I’m going to tell my life story…” out of syntactical necessity.

Two meanings emerge from this title. The proper sense gives it the meaning of speaking of oneself. I don’t love too much, the self is hateful. Devoting one’s time to talking about oneself or having people talk about oneself is a form of deviance that ends up landing on the narcissistic field.

The journalist has the obligation to forget himself in his work. It is the work that commands admiration. It is the work that identifies the craftsman and not the opposite. The ”It’s me” stifles the quality of the work. So I make the effort to avoid this exercise, how insane.

In the figurative sense, ”telling one’s life” means saying anything. Evolve from blah blah to rigmarole and serve everything to everyone. Everyone could take from it what seems useful to them.

So I’m going to practice in this direction by talking about everything: ” massacre them all, Allah will recognize his own ”

My diary, your diary, our diary, is information; The Independent Express is closed, the receipt withdrawn; it’s a reminder.

The current legal proceedings are awaiting the deliberation of the Court of Appeal and its verdict. It will go all the way since the ECOWAS Court of Justice will also have its say on this issue. Both journalists and staff are in a rout, and I am on the loose lol. By the will of the immortals……

For two years therefore, I have been like a wandering Jew, everywhere, in search of the nature of ”Man” as a dualistic entity praised by the philosophers. The man embodied by good and the man of evil.

This research plunged me into a no less perilous pilgrimage rich in experiences. I have met old people like children, religious priests and monks like Freemasons, master witch doctors like atheists, sages like fools, men like women, in churches, convents, monasteries , secret societies etc. and I am convinced that the dualism of medieval philosophy in its form needs to be revised even if the principle of reason accepts it, for lack of revolution, better still epistemological humiliation.

I am telling my life…… in a figurative sense.

The painting of the Lord’s Supper, let’s talk about it ….. When he had the idea to paint this painting, Leonardo da Vinci encountered a great difficulty: he had to represent the Good – through the image of Jesus – and Evil – personified by Judas, the disciple who decides to betray during dinner. He interrupted his work in progress, to go in search of the ideal models.

“One day while attending a choral concert, he saw in one of the singers the perfect image of Christ. He invited him to pose in his studio and made many studies and sketches.

“Three years passed. The Last Supper was almost ready, but Leonardo da Vinci had not yet found the suitable model for Judas. The cardinal in charge of the church where he worked began to urge him to complete the fresco.

“After several days of searching, the painter finally found a prematurely aged young man, in rags, collapsed drunk in a gutter. He asked his assistants to transport him, with great difficulty, directly to the church, because he had no more time to make sketches.

“Once there, the attendants stood the man up. He was unaware of what was happening to him, and Leonardo da Vinci could reproduce the imprints of impiety, sin, selfishness, so strongly marked on his face. “When he had finished, the tramp, once the fumes of intoxication had dissipated, opened his eyes and, struck by the brilliance of the fresco, exclaimed, in a voice both amazed and saddened: — J I’ve seen this painting before! – When ? asked Leonardo da Vinci, very surprised. “Three years ago, before I lost everything I had. At the time, I was singing in a choir, I was fulfilling all my dreams and the painter invited me to pose for the face of Jesus.

In other words, Good and Evil have the same face. It all just depends on when they cross paths with each human being.

This story told in one of the books of the famous writer Paolo Coelho, refocuses the question of the dualism of good and bad integrated into human reality.

Questioning that obsessed my journey in time and space, I ended up understanding one thing. Good and evil are the centerpiece of human nature.

In the case of the Tableau de la Sainte Cène, they deferred their existence in the featured character. In my adventure, I noticed that there are men who embody good and evil at the same time and at the same time. They are at the same time and at the same moment Jesus and Judah. They are those who maneuver to appear good in the eyes of some (their masters for example) by posing despicable, villainous and criminal acts to the limit and constantly make countless victims on earth.

And the conflict of the simultaneous existence of these two entities involves in these characters what it is free to call Psychopathy. Extreme psychosomatic disorder.

Psychopathy is genetic and congenital. These people, if they are not very dangerous for the society, as much for their masters as for their victims are extremely harmful to humanity.

He’s the prototype of those characters who can rejoice so blithely in owning and controlling another individual’s life and regret that he couldn’t do with that life as he saw fit because it was saved by another.

This is the result of my travels. Do I have the answer to my basic question? I do not know. But I learned, saw, heard and experienced a lot. It’s an exciting adventure that I pursue both physically and virtually to this day. Since, absolutely, books are also part of this adventure.

I think I’m telling my life…

Despite the proliferation and strong influence of social networks, books remain the ”open door to an enchanted world” as François Mauriac said.

I respect and have a lot of admiration for these men and women who keep knowledge sharing in different volumes and orientations on Togolese social networks. I bet their publications have reading as their raw material.

The shape and the content, it’s like a question of taste and color, we won’t discuss it.

But the literary dexterity that halos the publications of each other makes me believe that reading remains the key to knowledge. This dexterity commands my admiration, constantly.

This is an opportunity to wink at those who base their thoughts on the apology of books and reading. Sébastien Vondoly for this constant battle to make books loved with his publishing house, Fabbi Kouassi for his breathtaking commitment to net entertainers, Tony Feda for his elite and provocative articulations, Gerry Taama whose appreciation does not go all times not beyond the literary cadence, the substance, I do not pass judgment; Luc Abaki for his rise in the level of deciphering the news, David Kpelly for his shots and his laughter, Didier Nagbé for the sacred depth of his rhymes, Alex Talboussouma for his acrobatic rhymes which evoke literary knowledge and knowledge…. Kodjo Epou, Attisso Koudjodji etc. They are admirable.

Congratulations and good luck to Noel Tadégnon, by the way, for his election at the head of the Togolese Volleyball Federation, like what, the herd spirit in the non-pejorative sense should prevail in the journalistic brotherhood, corporation I was going to say.

All my gratitude to those who thought of renewing my wishes of happiness on the occasion of my birthday, this June 4, 2022.

On a flight that lasted 9 hours on the clock, I again took the opportunity to reread for the sixth time this book by Vladimir Fedorovski which explores the mysteries of power under the magnifying glass of men in the shadows, valid not only for Russia from Rasputin to Putin but for the men behind the scenes in politics: still just as influential, still just as reduced to nothing…I’ll tell you about it.

I don’t know if I told my life or I told my life…… any case I told my life.


Geneva, June 06, 2022

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Tribune Libre – Carlos Ketohou: “The HAAC therefore failed to save the life of Joel EGAH” | icilome

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