Air, Earth, Water or Fire signs: what is your element in astrology?

Air Earth Water or Fire signs what is your element

Astrology is related to human life. The ancient texts of this discipline say that man is stardust. This sacred language is centered in the interpretation of movements of the planetsbut did you know that each celestial body has an element that connects it to our planet Earth? Astrology is a discipline that asserts that every … Read more

General Audience: “Life on Earth is an initiation, not an accomplishment” – Vatican News

On Wednesday, June 8, Pope Francis continued his cycle of catecheses on old age. Based on the example of the Pharisee Nicodemus, he meditated on one of the missions of the elderly: to teach us the way to the kingdom of God, accepting the finitude of our life on Earth. Claire Riobé – Vatican City … Read more

Peace on Earth, synesthetic experience in Vienna – News – Ôlyrix

Peace on Earth synesthetic experience in Vienna News

The creation of the show “Friede auf Erden” (Peace on Earth, named after a choir composed by Schoenberg) brings together the Arnold Schoenberg Choir under the direction of Erwin Ortner and the artist Ulla von Brandenburg as part of the Weeks of Viennese Festivities (Wiener Festwochen), offering a synesthetic, dreamy and peaceful experience. This particular … Read more