Tax reduction, you have a few hours left to save Aleteia

Aleteia lives “by the grace of God”. The generosity of its readers must be sufficient to finance this media which is necessarily free in order to honor its missionary vocation. You have a few hours left to make a donation to Aleteia and benefit from a tax reduction for the year 2022.

Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers?


Aleteia really needs you

Dear reader friends,

2022 has been a trying year for everyone. The need for hope has made itself felt even more. In this climate, Aleteia has proven to be an indispensable support for millions of readers around the world. Our newsrooms are mobilized 7 days a week to offer you an authentic Christian view of the news and the major subjects of daily life.

To continue to exist, we really need you. You are the guarantors of free access and the future of Aleteia. In this regard, I cannot hide a situation from you that worries me greatly: our donors are really very generous, but alas, they are really too few compared to the cost of the service that Aleteia provides to its millions of readers.

Also allow me to remind you that you have a few hours left to make a donation and receive a tax receipt for 2022 deductible at 66% of your income tax or 75% of your IFI if you are taxable in France . Your donation, however small, is essential. Do not wait ! To do so, simply click here or send us a check to the editor.


Thank you to all of you who have already passed on your support this year. Today, I am speaking to readers who read us regularly without helping us: please become our guardian angels and participate in an immense work: to do good for the millions of people who read us around the world and for which Aleteia is a vital source of joy and hope!

It is in a resolutely missionary spirit and full of great hope that I wish you a beautiful and happy octave of Christmas.

Eric de Legge
Editor-in-chief of Aleteia

To contact us by email:

> Your donation is deductible at 66% of your income tax. You will only really pay a third of what you give. For example, for a monthly donation of €15, you only really spend €5.

> If you prefer to pay your donation in one go by check, with tax deductibility, it is possible. This check must be made payable to “J’aime l’Info – Aleteia” and addressed to: Aleteia SAS, 57 rue Gaston Tessier – 75019 Paris. Whether your donation is online or by cheque, “J’aime l’info”, the online press support association, recognized as being of general interest, will send you a tax receipt.

> Companies wishing to make a donation are entitled to do so by benefiting from a tax reduction equal to 60% of their payment, within the limit of 5‰ of turnover (valid for companies subject to the IR or IS). If so, please click here.

> If you do not live in France and/or do not wish to receive a tax receipt, you can make your donation by bank transfer, specifying “Don Aleteia” in the title:

IBAN FR76 3000 4028 3700 0105 3846 494

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Tax reduction, you have a few hours left to save Aleteia

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