Will Blunderfield: Trash Guru and Conspirator

1667729123 Will Blunderfield Trash Guru and Conspirator

———- Advertising ———- ————— Will Blunderfield, a former successful singer who once signed to Nettwerk Music Group, is transforming himself into a happiness and sex guru, specializing in penis reflexology, urinotherapy, sexual Kung-Fu and other tricks. . Health and well-being being new drifting trends, Will knew how to do well by placing himself in a … Read more

Sect of the “White Wolf” in Prats-de-Mollo: has the guru made victims in the Pyrénées-Orientales?

Sect of the White Wolf in Prats de Mollo has the guru

A call for witnesses has just been launched on the Twitter of the national police in order to find the possible victims of the sectarian movement “Shamanism of the origin”. Its leader, Cyrille Adam, known as Loup Blanc, was imprisoned on December 9 as part of an investigation for “rape, sexual assault and abuse of … Read more

“A mixture of Taoism and Beninese witchcraft”: the guru of “warriors of light” in court

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

Élysée Ade, a 53-year-old Franco-Beninese, is on trial in Paris until Monday, October 10 for having been at the head of a sect for more than six years. kung fu traininguntil exhaustion“, sex therapy sessions to achieve the “eight orgasmic successive doors“, but also courses of “philosophy“Based on conspiracy theses… From this Monday and until … Read more

Gujan-Mestras: “Zeus”, the “guru”, who wanted to “save humanity” through sexual relations

Why Companies Should Offer Meditation Classes to All Employees

He called himself “Zeus”, like the king of the gods among the Greeks, and appreciated that his female disciples threw themselves at his feet. His Olympus, a temple hidden from view, was erected in a quiet corner of the Bassin d’Arcachon.Accused of being an all-powerful “guru” who seduced followers to better control them, drug them … Read more

The true story of Father Yod, guru and unsung legend of psych rock

The true story of Father Yod guru and unsung legend

Reading time: 6 mins One day we will have to look at the kilos of drugs that circulated in California during the 1960s. Perhaps this would explain why so many people ended up twisting, breaking with the social world, the norms and, sometimes, the reason . It would also make it possible to delve into … Read more