Gujan-Mestras: “Zeus”, the “guru”, who wanted to “save humanity” through sexual relations

He called himself “Zeus”, like the king of the gods among the Greeks, and appreciated that his female disciples threw themselves at his feet. His Olympus, a temple hidden from view, was erected in a quiet corner of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

Accused of being an all-powerful “guru” who seduced followers to better control them, drug them and sometimes abuse them. He claimed that these sexual relations would “save humanity”.

The sect had been denounced by one of the victims in 2013. At the time, the Bordeaux public prosecutor was informed of a report of sexual violence and mental control over a 41-year-old woman. Noura has just denounced acts of rape to a representative of Miviludes, the interministerial mission which fights against sects.

At home, a reconstruction of the temple of Olympia

The group had been installed in a house in Gujan-Mestras, on the Bassin d’Arcachon. In one room, the owner of the premises, Claude Alonso, then aged 73, recreated The Temple of Olympiawhich according to mythology, was that of Zeus.

Portraits of him and his commandments cover the walls. Seated on a red velvet throne and decked out with his scepter, swords and crystal balls, the guru drifts to perform the most disturbing rituals.

Noura says she managed to flee, after ten years of influence, she describes forced relationships, says that she lost her name to become Koré Proserpine. She had to sleep with the guru, to save the world.

Vulnerable young women drugged with Lexomil

In this house cut off from everything, the New Year is celebrated on January 11, All Saints Day on November 11. But far from folklore, it is mostly reported generalized surveillance, use of tranquilizers, orgies, sexual abuse which some women seem to suffer or feel ashamed of.

In effect, He would have ordered his followers to drink sweet wine mixed with Lexomil, a tranquilizer. They were also given a mixture of menstruation and Claude Alonso’s own semen, according to the prosecution. His own daughter is said to have been the victim of this abuse and denounces the mental hold he had on them.

In 2015, the Bordeaux judicial police discovered the scene. She is now interested in the profile of Claude Alonso. According to his former wife, Marie-Françoise, he turned in the 80s to esotericism, Buddhism, reincarnation. One day he would have confided to her to be a god of the creation of the world and that his soul was very old.

The gradual establishment of the right-of-way

A real estate agent in Libourne, he had a glass pyramid built for himself to set up his office there. Prosecuted for fraud, he had gone bankrupt after nine months. The ex-wife says that shortly after their separation, Claude surrounded himself with several women who maintained his house. He then directed the Samsara association, for the mutual aid of beings and positive actions. His boarders financed the expenses. The complaint of a minor girl at the time had been dismissed.

Although he denies the facts, he was prosecuted for abuse of weakness and rape at the expense of 5 victims, including his daughter. On September 23, 2022, Claude Alonzo received a 18 years of criminal imprisonment, accompanied by a security period of 9 years.

The guests of “The hour of crime”

– Louise Colcombet, journalist at Parisian.
– Me Maleine Picotin-Gueyelawyer for the daughter of Claude Alonso.

– Me Quentin Rapaudone of Claude Alonso’s lawyers.

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Gujan-Mestras: “Zeus”, the “guru”, who wanted to “save humanity” through sexual relations

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