The arrival of Joseph Fischer in Saudi Arabia, a prelude to a rapprochement?

The arrival of Joseph Fischer in Saudi Arabia a prelude

Although Israel and Saudi Arabia have not formally established ties and Saudi Arabia joined protests from the Arab world on Tuesday following National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s trip to Mount of the Temple, it seems that the presence of Israeli businessmen in Riyadh has intensified lately. The Joseph Fischer case is a perfect example. … Read more

Sunday Gospel: Wonderful Joseph! – Swiss Catholic portal

Sunday Gospel Wonderful Joseph – Swiss Catholic portal

Who among us does not, one morning or another, experience waking up still completely inhabited by the dream of the night? A few snippets or an incongruous story wander in our still sleepy memory. And the interpretation of dreams by psychoanalysts has a bright future ahead of it! But the Bible also speaks to us … Read more

Joseph Tonda, les ondulations de Nicki Minaj et l’impérialisme colonial de la valeur | Africultures

ALTERMUNDI a first store in Bordeaux PACAs economic and

Le sociologue et anthropologue Joseph Tonda a publié « Afrodystopie – La vie dans les rêves d’autrui » aux Editions Karthala. Avant de nous plonger dans sa lecture, Anne Bocandé a rencontré l’universitaire lors de la parution de son précédent « L’impérialisme postcolonial. Critique de la société des éblouissements ». Un entretien initialement présenté dans … Read more

Joseph Delteil and the Tuilerie de Massane: a heritage to save

” Lhe vine is the delicate plant par excellence. It requires constant care, a sort of manual intelligence or divination. Then, one fine morning, a frost, a hailstorm took everything away. In these worries, in this precariousness, the most humble peasant draws the meaning of a higher life. To know oneself at the mercy of … Read more