Pelé, god of football, left just after the World Cup, a last penalty against eternity…

A God. A prodigy. A myth…In his own right, over the course of his two-decade career, he will be the embodiment of football and the beautiful game in all its splendor and technicality, as fans of this sport, the most popular in the world, love to experience it. every game played on a lawn. At … Read more

Tax reduction, you have a few hours left to save Aleteia

Tax reduction you have a few hours left to save

Aleteia lives “by the grace of God”. The generosity of its readers must be sufficient to finance this media which is necessarily free in order to honor its missionary vocation. You have a few hours left to make a donation to Aleteia and benefit from a tax reduction for the year 2022. Do you know … Read more

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: 5 initiatives so that no one is left alone

Christmas and New Years Eve 5 initiatives so that no

In Aubervilliers, a festive, missionary and solidarity dinner THE MISERICORDIA CENTER WANTS TO GIVE EVERYONE THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS. Marie, Joseph, a real donkey and children disguised as angels, shepherds or little pages for a parade in the streets of Aubervilliers on December 24: with the parish of Saint-Paul-du-Montfort, the Misericordia centre, a work of … Read more

Tarasteix: Father Mercier says he left the church of his own free will

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Excluded by Pope Francis, Father Mercier, priest of the Abbey of Tarasteix, responds by assuring that he left the Catholic Church on his own in March 2021, which, according to him, makes his dismissal “meaningless”. It is by a decree dated December 9 that Pope Francis himself recorded the exclusion of Jean-Claude Mercier, priest of … Read more

DIRECT. World Cup: Ronaldo scores on penalty, Coman left Blues training

DIRECT World Cup Ronaldo scores on penalty Coman left Blues

7:50 p.m. Asian football boss defends QatarIn response to a question from a journalist in Doha about criticism of Qatar since the start of the World Cup, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, who has led the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since 2013, replied: ” The caravan passes… and you can complete the rest (of … Read more

NBA – “I saw Wembanyama play, I could have left after 5 minutes”

NBA I saw Wembanyama play I could have left

With his prowess on American territory, Victor Wembanyama has pocketed an impressive number of observers. However, this is also the case on the side of the leaders, who have been full of praise for him. The Athletic collected a rather crazy anthology. He was eagerly awaited during his visit to the United States, he who … Read more

Right or Left Ear Whistling: What Spiritual Significance?

Right or Left Ear Whistling What Spiritual Significance

Ringing ear for no apparent reason? The sensation is often very unpleasant and embarrassing. But, did you know that there was a spiritual meaning behind this phenomenon? Very often, it happens that we hear a ringing or buzzing in the ears without really understanding what is happening. Most of the time the noise quickly fades … Read more

Fifteen Hollywood weddings that left their mark

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1.Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall The two American actors met when the beautiful model with the steely gaze made her debut on Hollywood sets. After being spotted on a cover in “Harper’s Bazaar”, Lauren Bacall appears on the set of “Port of Anguish” in 1944 where she gives the reply to the already famous Humphrey … Read more

The witch hunts that left a nation traumatized – BBC News BBC Homepage

The witch hunts that left a nation traumatized BBC

By Penny Dale The Comb podcast 44 minutes ago Photo credit, ANEKED image caption, Fatou Terema Jeng was delighted to see her portraits at the “We Are Not Done” exhibition For 22 years, Gambians lived under the sway of former President Yahya Jammeh, whose rule was marred by allegations of human rights abuses, including murders, … Read more