Meditation for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time C: “The authentic prayer of the believer” – Vatican News

Meditation for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time C The

Jesuit Father Flavien Zolabi introduces us to meditation, with the readings for the 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time of liturgical year C. Readings: Sir 35,12-18; 2 Tim 4.6-18; Lk 18,9-14: “the prayer of the poor” Dear brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the thirtieth Sunday in ordinary time of liturgical year C. The first reading, … Read more

Meditation for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time C: “Persevere in faith and prayer” – Vatican News

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Jesuit Father Éric Kambale introduces us to meditation, with the readings for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time of liturgical year C. First lecture: Ex 17, 8-13 Psalm: Ps 120 (121), 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Second reading: 2 Tim 3, 14 – 4, 2 gospel: Lk 18, 1-8 Dear brothers and sisters, On this twenty-ninth … Read more

Bible Meditation: Prayer and Faith

Bible Meditation Prayer and Faith

Sunday October 16, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Exodus (Ex 17, 8-13).Psalm 120.Second reading Second Letter to Timothy (2 Tim 3, 14-4, 2).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 18, 1-8). Luke 18, 1-8 During that time,Jesus told his disciples a parableon the need for themto always pray without being discouraged:“There … Read more

When neuroscience studies the power of prayer

On Animal Consciousness… and Animal Welfare

Thanks to advances in brain imaging, science is advancing on benefits of spiritual practices ! The scanner beams had already pierced the cogs of the feel good meditative. It is the turn of the prayer to pass under the magnifying glass of the researchers. “To better understand these phenomena, it is necessary to extract meditation … Read more

Togo: Prayer to our massacred angels at the end of the Tabaski 2022 festivities and to the entire Savannah region | icilome

The bishops warning about the mystical Maria Valtorta

“The deceased, if we venerate his memory, is more precious and more powerful than the living”, Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in Citadelle, evokes the weight of memory, the dimension of recognition, the impact of celebration loved ones we lose in restoring our society and our lives. The scope of the memory of rehabilitation of those who … Read more

Christophe André: “Meditation enriches my prayer”

How did you come to meditation? Christopher Andre : First, I always had – and I still have – a calm, introverted, easily contemplative temperament… Then, when I was a medical student, I went through a personal drama: brutal death, in my arm, of my best friend, during a motorcycle accident. I then found refuge … Read more

News Cameroon :: DIVORCE: She engages in a long prayer when the gentleman wants to make love :: Cameroon news

Pastor of a revivalist church married to a widow, he deplores his wife’s instability in the home and her attachment to her first marriage. The man of God is initiating divorce proceedings for the third time after the known failure of the first two attempts. Issac appeared before the Yaoundé Court of First Degree last … Read more

Prayer to your guardian angel to thwart evil

Prayer to your guardian angel to thwart evil

To avoid having to fight alone against diabolical powers, here is a little prayer to recite with your guardian angel who will know how to intervene. Perseverance is very important in the practice of prayers as in any intercessory prayer. And the guardian angels have their big part to play in pushing back the forces … Read more