Christophe André: “Meditation enriches my prayer”

Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

How did you come to meditation? Christopher Andre : First, I always had – and I still have – a calm, introverted, easily contemplative temperament… Then, when I was a medical student, I went through a personal drama: brutal death, in my arm, of my best friend, during a motorcycle accident. I then found refuge … Read more

News Cameroon :: DIVORCE: She engages in a long prayer when the gentleman wants to make love :: Cameroon news

Pastor of a revivalist church married to a widow, he deplores his wife’s instability in the home and her attachment to her first marriage. The man of God is initiating divorce proceedings for the third time after the known failure of the first two attempts. Issac appeared before the Yaoundé Court of First Degree last … Read more

Prayer to your guardian angel to thwart evil

Prayer to your guardian angel to thwart evil

To avoid having to fight alone against diabolical powers, here is a little prayer to recite with your guardian angel who will know how to intervene. Perseverance is very important in the practice of prayers as in any intercessory prayer. And the guardian angels have their big part to play in pushing back the forces … Read more

Meditation by Bishop Aveline given during the prayer vigil for the canonization of Charles de Foucauld – Catholic Church in France

“Let us look at the saints but do not dwell on them. Let us take advantage of their examples but without dwelling on them for long. Let us not seek to imitate them but, with them, to imitate Christ, who is the unique model”, wrote Charles de Foucauld. So let’s follow his advice. And let’s … Read more

The incredible success of Charles de Foucauld’s prayer of abandonment

The incredible success of Charles de Foucaulds prayer of abandonment

Known by all profiles of believers, Charles de Foucauld’s prayer of abandonment has acquired a universal dimension. But how to explain such success? Some 2.5 million. This is the number of views on YouTube of “Father, I surrender myself to you “. Enough to make a number of influencers jealous! The success of this song … Read more