Karmic Numerology at the Almond Trees Saint-Crespin Saint-Crespin Sunday, June 12, 2022

Karmic Numerology at the Almond Trees Saint-Crespin, June 12, 2022, Saint-Crespin. Karmic Numerology at Almond Trees Saint-Crespin2022-06-12 10:30:00 10:30:00 – 2022-06-12 16:30:00 16:30:00Saint-Crespin Seine-Maritime Saint-Crespin Ah, if mothers only knew! This famous notice that is missing when the child comes into the world, when we have no idea who he really is… When he is … Read more

Who is Pauline Jaricot, this beatified Lyonnaise this Sunday at Eurexpo?

Who is Pauline Jaricot this beatified Lyonnaise this Sunday at

The Lyonnaise Pauline Jaricot will be beatified on May 22, 2022. (Photo: DR) Lyonnaise laywoman and missionary, Pauline Jaricot was beatified this Sunday, May 22 at Eurexpo Lyon at 3 p.m., in front of nearly 13,000 people from all over the world. Portrait of a woman as active as she is contemplative. “Pauline Jaricot was … Read more

Meditation 6th Sunday of Easter: “The work of the Spirit” – Vatican News

Jesuit Father Jean-Paul Savi presents meditation with the readings for the 6th Sunday of Easter C. Dear brothers and sisters, on this sixth Sunday of Easter, the biblical texts already prepare us for the Solemnity of Pentecost. The first reading informs us about the first internal crisis of the Church. Indeed, the opening of the … Read more

Daily horoscope: SUNDAY MAY 15 for each sign of the zodiac, the surprises of the weekend!

Like every day, we present below today’s horoscope for your zodiac sign. Daily Horoscope: SUNDAY May 15 RAM (March 21 – April 20) Take advantage of your free time, because starting next week, doors will open to you on a professional level., which will leave you extremely satisfied. In loveyou should definitely consider breaking off … Read more

Here is your horoscope for this Sunday, May 15, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day should you expect emotionally, financially or healthily? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign. ►► Astro calculation, zodiac horoscope, Chinese horoscope, numerology, special horoscopes (druidic, lunar, Aztec, African and Egyptian), astro sex, astro love, personal astro and name compatibility : discover our special and free site on astrology! Ram … Read more

Meditation for the 5th Sunday of Easter: “Bear our trials in faith, fidelity and love” – Vatican News

The Jesuit Father Rigobert Kyungu introduces us to meditation with the readings for the 5th Sunday of Easter. Brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the fifth Sunday of Easter. The first reading is taken from the book of Acts of the Apostles 14, 21b-27. The second reading comes from the Apocalypse of Saint John 21, … Read more

Second Easter Sunday Meditation: “To Give Thanks, to Witness and to Believe” – ​​Vatican News

Second Easter Sunday Meditation To Give Thanks to Witness and

Jesuit Father Jean-Marcel Mupungu offers us a commentary on the readings of the second Easter Sunday of year C. The liturgy of this second Sunday of Easter, Sunday of Divine Mercy, reminds us that our Christian life consists in giving thanks to God, in witnessing to God and in believing in God. Give thanks goodbye: … Read more