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January 11, 2023Aloys Evina JOIN US ! Download the Christians TV app. 1 At that time appeared an edict of Caesar Augustus, ordering a census of all the land.2 This first census took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.3 All were going to be registered, each in his own town.4 Joseph also went up … Read more

Batch. “The Book of Miracles”, a mystical farce, created in Rocamadour

Batch The Book of Miracles a mystical farce created in

By Jean-Claude Bonnemere Published on 10 Jul 22 at 8:00 updated on 10 Jul 22 at 8:23 Lot news See my news Follow this media Four theatrical evenings around the “Book of Miracles” of Rocamadour, by Gérard Lavayssière. Free entries. (©DR) This piece of Gérard Lavayssière’s theater titled ” The Book of Miracles of Rocamadour … Read more