God performs miracles through the prayer of saints

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June 26, 2022 – ESM – The miracle is a sign of the communion of saints

Pierre found a certain nas bedridden, paralyzed. He tells him :
Nas, Jesus Christ heals you, arise and make your bed yourself
. And immediately he got up. (Acts of the Apostles 9,31-42).

Several times in the small summaries of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, it is said that many signs and wonders were performed by the hands of the apostles (Acts 2.43). Today, meditation allows us to welcome a miracle accomplished by Peter: the healing ofnas. Thus continues the demonstration that the apostles imitate Christ in everything: in their teaching, in their miraclesin their persecutions and in their martyrdom, they continue the work of Jesus: As the Father sent me, so I send you.
(John 20.21).

Miracles are signs of God’s power. They are given to us as an answer and a strengthening of our faith. They do not change our human condition, but they manifest the presence, already on this earth, of eternal life. Catchism of the Catholic Church explains: 434 “The Resurrection of Jesus glorifies the name of the Savior God (cf. Jn 12:28) for henceforth it is the name of Jesus which fully manifests the supreme power of name above every name
(Phil 2, 9-10). Evil spirits fear his name (cf. Acts 16, 16-18; 19, 13-16)
and it is in his name that the disciples of Jesus perform miracles (cf. Mk 16, 17),
for whatever they ask of the Father in his name, he grants it to them (Jn 15, 16)

Because the miracle is read as the response of a glorified baptized the request for a baptism overwhelmed, it creates a link between the church in heaven and the church on earth, the triumphant church and the militant church, according to traditional terms. This is one of the ways in which we can understand the communion of saints, mentioned in the Creed of the Apostles. Now the saints, as we have already seen, do not all have a halo on their heads! Insofar as holiness is the vocation of every Christian, the faithful who entrust themselves to the intercession of a future blessed can and must recognize in him a model, that is to say a concrete encouragement to advance on the path of an ever more evangelical life. Moreover, the request for intercession is not made at random: it most often manifests a form of spiritual affinity. The person we pray to is therefore not a demi-god, but a brother or sister who has traveled the path that the Church indicates to all its children.

In its realistic and concrete, even provocative, the miracle is therefore like a seal that authenticates the dynamic and vivifying character of the holiness lived in a human life.. It thus joins what the liturgy expresses. For you are glorified in the assembly of the saints: when you crown their merits, you crown your own gifts. In their life, you provide us with a model, in communion with them, a family and in their intercession, a support; so that, supported by this immense crowd of witnesses, we run until the end the test which is proposed to us and receive with them the imperishable crown of glory, by Christ our Lord. (1st preface of the saints).

In life, we all know moments of trial, when the sea on which we sail becomes a storm, with the waves which submerge us, while we, being on the boat with Jesus, are tempted to cry out like the Apostles to wake him up. : Master, Master, we take !
(Luke, 8, 24)
, Master, you don’t care that we take (Mark 4, 38). Jesus, indeed, this cry of supplication, rises and imposes silence and calm on the winds and the threatening waves; but, immediately afterwards, he reproaches the Apostles for their lack of faith: Why are you so afraid ? How do you have no faith
? (Mark 4, 40).

Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God: Farnse LOUIS-CHARLES

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Eucharist sacrament of mercy –

(ESM) 26.06.2022

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God performs miracles through the prayer of saints

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