Le Coran : de la Mecque à Jérusalem, un «digest» pas plus apocryphe que la Bible – Kapitalis

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Par rapport à l’Occident triomphant, le fantasme qu’il surnomme Islam procède de l’inquiétante étrangeté, si proche par ses valeurs et ses symboles, mais que l’Histoire et l’Orientalisme, mais aussi la politique, situent sur le plan de l’antagonisme radical et de l’absolue étrangeté. Par Dr Mounir Hanablia Il n’est pas aisé de parler objectivement du livre … Read more

The Bible during the Renaissance, a questioning of the image?

The Bible during the Renaissance a questioning of the image

At the end of the Middle Ages, a new questioning about God and his images emerged, coming from Germany and Switzerland in particular, denouncing the abuses of the Christian religion and opening directly onto the many wars of Religion… Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers? I GIVE … Read more

Bible Meditation: “Keep Your Mind in Hell and Do Not Despair”

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Sunday, November 13, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of the prophet Malachi (Ml 3, 19-20a).Psalm 97.Second reading Second letter of Saint Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians (1 Th 3, 7-12).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 21, 5-19). Luke 21, 5-19 As some spoke of the Temple, of the beautiful stones … Read more

Bible Meditation: Persecuted Theologians

Bible Meditation Persecuted Theologians

Sunday, November 6, 2022, four texts will be read.First Reading: Second Book of the Martys of Israel(2 M 7, 1-2.9-14).Psalm 16.Second Reading: Second Letter to the Thessalonians(2 Thess 2, 16 – 3, 5).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 20, 27-38). Martyrs of Israel (or Maccabees) 7, 1-2.9-14 In those days, seven brothers had been … Read more

Bible Meditation: Thank God

Bible Meditation Thank God

Sunday October 23, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Ben Sirac the wise (Si 35, 15b-17.20-22a).Psalm 33.Second Reading Second Letter to Timothy (2 Tim 4, 6-8.16-18).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 18, 9-14). Luke 18, 9-14During that time,to some who were convinced to be righteousand who despised others,Jesus told the following … Read more

Bible Meditation: Prayer and Faith

Bible Meditation Prayer and Faith

Sunday October 16, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Exodus (Ex 17, 8-13).Psalm 120.Second reading Second Letter to Timothy (2 Tim 3, 14-4, 2).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 18, 1-8). Luke 18, 1-8 During that time,Jesus told his disciples a parableon the need for themto always pray without being discouraged:“There … Read more

Bible meditation: The small voices of the unknown

Riccardo Muti explains why the opera must assume its history

Sunday October 9, 2022, four texts will be read.First Reading Second Book of Kings (2 Kings 5, 14-17).Psalm 97.Second reading Second Letter to Timothy (2 Tim 2, 8-13).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 17, 11-19). Second Book of Kings 5, 14-17In those days, the Syrian general Naaman, who was a leper,descended to the Jordan … Read more

“In the shoes of…” Oscar Lalo, writer who shares his unconditional love for literature in “Le salon” | urban bible

In the shoes of… Oscar Lalo writer who shares his

Photo credit : Joachim Perez VSach week, every Friday, Urban Bible asks 5 questions to an artist or cultural artisan in order to learn a little more about the person interviewed and to allow the reader to be in his shoes, the space of ‘a moment. Today, we chatted with the Swiss writer Oscar Lalo, … Read more



“Sacred Scripture is the source of evangelization”. This is how Pope Francis ends the section ofEvangelii gaudium (EG) dedicated to the proclamation of the Word[1]. It is a page that is both simple and complex: simple, because there is no true evangelism without the Scriptures; complex, because it is necessary to explain why the Church, … Read more