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Pastor of a revivalist church married to a widow, he deplores his wife’s instability in the home and her attachment to her first marriage. The man of God is initiating divorce proceedings for the third time after the known failure of the first two attempts.

Issac appeared before the Yaoundé Court of First Degree last week to defend his petition for divorce. It is the third that he wants to see succeed. The first two had been abandoned after family meetings, which each time resulted in an arrangement. He hopes to finally get rid of Mélanie, his wife and mother of his children. The man who presents himself as pastor of a reawakened church no longer lives under the same roof as his wife, whom he blames for witchcraft, tribalism, mismanagement of financial resources and instability in the couple. Mélanie, with their last baby in her arms, also appeared at this hearing. She denies all the accusations made by her husband.

First to speak, the man of God, from the Center region, explained to the court that he married Melanie in 2012 before God and before men, under the regime of monogamy and the community. goods. At that time, Mélanie was a widow and already the mother of several children from her previous marriage. “She was the one who approached me first and almost hit on me. She pressured me to marry her. I was still a virgin. She is the first woman I have known in my life. Given her kindness, her generosity and above all her behavior as a submissive woman, I gave in to her advances without thinking. I believed that she could be a good wife for me and a mother for my future children,” he explained.


Issac relates that for the first few years after their marriage, everything was fine. They were a happy and envied couple. Three still minor children came to consolidate their love. It is in 2015 that the problems arise in the couple. In view of certain acts and gestures of Mélanie, the man of God realized that his wife still had not forgotten her first home. He relates that all his actions were compared to those of his wife’s late husband. “She compares my sexual performance and my wealth to that of my predecessor. The alimony money that I give her is divided into two equal parts: she sends a part to her first children while mine remain hungry.

The head of the family also told the court that his wife is unstable in the home. She very often makes long trips to her village, in the Western region, without her agreement. Because of these repeated absences, he suspects his wife of being the cause of their marital failure. The man of God also suspects the mother of his children of having been initiated into witchcraft by his mother, who is queen mother and guardian of Bamileke traditions. Which would explain, according to him, that she is the target of evil spirits. Issac also accuses his wife of tribalism and shaming him in front of his religious congregation.

“She told me that she did not come to the “Kwa” to enrich them. She told social services that I make love to her every week and three times a day, which is not true. She deprived me of sex for several months already. When the time to take action arrives, my wife begins a prayer that lasts for hours until I fall asleep,” said the pastor, who had the support of two witnesses. Finally, he seeks custody of his first two children, the last of whom is still an infant.


Mélanie, who opposes the divorce, says she is the victim of abuse by her husband, who expelled her from the marital bedroom. She says she suffered repeated beatings from the latter, even being pregnant. She also maintains that it was on the advice of Issac’s aunt that she contacted social services to complain about her husband’s actions. It was following this complaint that Issac repudiated her from the marital home. The lady declares having returned to her home after several months of negotiations. Only, barely back home, the pastor has in turn deserted the marital home and moved into a studio that he rents, leaving his wife and children without any income.

Mélanie also declared that her husband uses her as a simple housewife and forces her to do the work in the fields until late hours. She denies the acts of witchcraft charged to her and maintains that her man no longer supports her presence at her side. “If I was a witch as he says, he would have already delivered me from my evil spirits as a pastor,” she said. The verdict is expected in this case next month.

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News Cameroon :: DIVORCE: She engages in a long prayer when the gentleman wants to make love :: Cameroon news

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