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“The deceased, if we venerate his memory, is more precious and more powerful than the living”, Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY in Citadelle, evokes the weight of memory, the dimension of recognition, the impact of celebration loved ones we lose in restoring our society and our lives. The scope of the memory of rehabilitation of those who have left us has no strength except in their eternal resurrection in us for an integral solidarity which allows us to move forward while avoiding pitfalls and repetition failures.

The emotion crushes us, the shock makes us dizzy, the lacerations of our hearts are salient, the cuts in our soul are heavy, the pain grips our breath at the announcement of the tragedy of our children who, in a band farandole, returning from a party outing, dramatically lose their lives. Some have become physically and psychologically handicapped for life.

The blow of the infanticides twenty-five kilometers from Dapaong is still a club on a Togolese society where good news is extremely rare, without ever redressing somewhat the collapse of confinement that is done to us by the governance of the bankruptcies of break-ins and perverse brutalities. After Sinandaré, Sinalengue in the savannahs, the case of the little apprentice mechanic mowed down by a sniper rifle and the little de Bè, Jojo, killed during the protest marches of the Opposition in Togo show us that the curses do not dry up from their whirlwind over our country.

The innocence of our children is what brings us down the most and the pain of the parents revolts us. The events of the savannahs put us on our feet, spontaneously, in the name of humanity, reason and the faith with which we are endowed to unite us for the intention of the great souls liquidated so atrociously. An investigation is announced to elucidate the circumstances of these killings as always in such cases to leave the conclusions in suspense.

Doesn’t it make sense for us at the national level to support the parents of these children and form with them a patriotic bloc for truth and justice?

Doesn’t our national watch on the impartiality of the investigations give us the spur to unite for their intention, to pray for the eternal rest of our children and of all those who disappeared in these atrocious circumstances?

1) To the souls carried away by infanticides in Togo

Let the crowd come, armful, with flowers for your memory! The homeland calls us to be at your side. On our cheeks channel our tears. You have a lot to say about your innocence, your disappointment, your fury against the State which is not living up to its sovereign duties. In a country where force takes precedence over right and the spirit of discernment is totally vacant, the field of excess extends as far as the eye can see and swallows up pure souls prematurely. You had neither the means nor the time to savor your childhood and you leave us precociously in a misfortune that comes without a sign of prevention or warning.

The thirst for your failed fulfillment enrages us, because we no longer know with whom to trace the furrows of hope for this country. You represent the lives of all the children of this country, the majority of whom are lost in the maze of a blind policy which distributes deprivations and heavy handicaps to young people who only have the desire for an elsewhere to give themselves the chance to cultivate some hope.

Living in a country where childhood and life sound like misfortunes does not justify the atrocity of your early disappearance. The fire of weapons in a country with quick reflexes for brutality without a micron of analytical mind is what shocks us, because the blunders are of the order of the functioning of a crazy State, sick of itself and at the frantic accumulation of mechanical acts, devoid of a hint of ethics.

Where impunity reigns, or rather an atomic umbrella of shelter for those guilty of the blunders, the bounty of horrors is certain. Failures in the ranks of the defense and security forces abound, because the responsibilities are never well located and the punishments are light and as rare as they are non-existent. The multiplication of blunders over time puts us all in insecurity. If we fail to protect the memory of our children of the savannahs and of all who fall so frequently in this land for the indelicacy of dressed bodies, we shall have twice killed innocent people and we ourselves will fail to protect ourselves from misdeeds dead consciences.

The future of our country is in our acts of righteousness, justice, humanity. The humanity by which we come together to protect our children draws the veil of security over us.

Everywhere in this country, the churches, the temples, the mosques have the imperious duty to devote a time of prayer to the lost hearts of the Republic because of blunder. Similarly, Human Rights Defense Organizations must rally around the relatives of the disappeared so that they are reassured of the assistance of an entire country. Our parents, often too ignorant, apathetic and cautious in such circumstances, are exposed to an obol of consolation in our country where the buying of consciences and corruption rot public life and mute all reprehensible seriousness.

We are aware that life cannot be bought and that the pain experienced at the disappearance of one’s offspring or a loved one does not disappear with any assistance whatsoever. Let the repair of the damage be clean so that it does not look like a mockery as is abundantly noted in the round of Awa Nava.

Security without foresight is a hecatomb whose harmful chain and spiral must absolutely be broken in this country. The blunders create security chaos where no one is safe from a fatal surprise. What we want to see in our rulers is respect for life, the requirement to protect it and not endorsement of the blunder that opens the way to license.

The explosion of blunders in our country comes from the popular softness and the tolerance of inequities which give an incentive to the carelessness of those who are in charge of our protection, our security. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we have no right to remain silent about the death of the innocent. Self-confidence withers when insecurity is rampant in our proximity. The Dapaong region and the security disaster that occurred serve us as a spur of awareness and mobilization for security pledges to ourselves, our children, our families. The children of the savannah are also our children, those of the shared land and of our national community.

Security badly turned into an indigestible repetition becomes an intolerable cruelty. As much as we do not admit that brutes from elsewhere come to take the lives of the children of Togo, we cannot bend over the repetitive blunders of those who are in charge of our security. Confidence wears thin and disappears when the good faith in security is never tested in the frankness and generosity of the service.

2) Stop the convoy of death!

We Togolese, we mourn our dead, our compatriots murdered for no reason in our country and more particularly in this resurgence of mass massacres in the savannahs. We have not yet dried our tears when the carnage continues in the worst bestiality. The cruelty of the slaughter of uneventful lives in this country where jihadism attacks defenseless populations weighs down our hearts with distress, while the state of emergency decreed in the region does not seem to solve any problem.

To the wounds of the intolerable blunders of our defense forces is grafted the height of the cruelty of the bearded men despite all the surveillance of the area. The easy walk of terrorists in four villages in the Savannahs and the extent of their crimes without any response, no intervention of the army in strong presence in these places poses to all Togolese big questions about the effectiveness of the State emergency in the Savannahs. If the area is covered with surveillance drones day and night, as we have the proof from the intolerable blunders at one o’clock in the morning of our defense forces, what camouflage do the jihadists use to easily escape the military devices of surveillance with which the Savannahs are stuffed?

We have no right to despair of our security and defense forces. But we need them guarantees and renewed evidence of assurance and confidence in these times of profound upheaval in our society, of our survival at the risk of seeing our populations in large migratory movements towards the south of the country in like the “struggle for life” which seizes Burkinabè, Malians and Nigeriens in regions of great security precariousness.

We are in the great abyss in the North of the country and our solidarity with the savannas is total. This is why our thoughts, our prayers are turned towards our brothers in distress. We really don’t know how they can go on living without losing sleep, without being broken inside by the fear of brutal death.

We need to be able to put ourselves in their place to represent to ourselves the dimension of their ordeal and consider permanent assistance to give them a little taste of life. We are not sure that many of them still want to live with fear in their stomachs in these places after a series of indescribable carnages which touches them intimately in their habitats. Can they still go about their daily business, earn a living from work in the fields, livestock and petty trade?

The Togolese State has the duty to delegate a college of psychologists, well-protected psycho-sociologists to assess the state of mind of those who have lived and rubbed shoulders with death so closely. “Peace and security are the foundations of the formation of the social state”.Thomas HOBGBBE is quite right, in The Leviathan, to teach us this.

To all our compatriots who have seen their lives rocked in the jungle of all cruelty, we pray with a big heart of support and generosity to relieve their trauma. Together, let’s do our best to come to their rescue.


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Togo: Prayer to our massacred angels at the end of the Tabaski 2022 festivities and to the entire Savannah region | icilome

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