Guillaume l’Auvergnat (Love is in the meadow) thrilled: he makes a big announcement –

Guillaume lAuvergnat Love is in the meadow thrilled he makes

Advertising Fan of the sparkling look of Guillaume l’Auvergnat, know that since the end of the season, everything has changed. We take stock! It ends well 2022 Like his Limousin native first name clone, Guillaume l’Auvergnat shines. Indeed, since speed-dating, Tom intrigues her as much as tickles her curiosity. Despite the age difference, he seems … Read more

Love is in the meadow: Thierry shows his house under construction and worries his suitors –

Love is in the meadow Thierry shows his house under

Thierry is one of the candidates of this season 17 of Love is in the meadow. But he was also one of the show’s season 10 contestants. Indeed, 7 years ago the farmer was heartbroken. Fortunately, he seems ready to fall in love with one of his two suitors again! Sylviane and Rémédios are Thierry’s … Read more

This method is super effective to end procrastination, the pomodoro! –

To be effective in your work, there are several tips to achieve this. You still have to know them and apply them! In a society where everything is always going faster, where our faces are constantly fixed in front of our screens and social networks, it is difficult sometimes to be organized and stay focused … Read more

Astrology: here are the 5 astrological signs that have the highest IQ of the entire zodiac –

On Animal Consciousness… and Animal Welfare

Adept or not of astrology, we have to face the facts. In the zodiac, some have the ability to stand out more than us! Is astrology the key to understanding? From the kindergarten playground, children analyze themselves in their own way. Indeed, if one of them stands out because of a detail, a terrible gear … Read more