Love is in the meadow: Thierry shows his house under construction and worries his suitors –

Thierry is one of the candidates of this season 17 of Love is in the meadow. But he was also one of the show’s season 10 contestants. Indeed, 7 years ago the farmer was heartbroken. Fortunately, he seems ready to fall in love with one of his two suitors again!

Sylviane and Rémédios are Thierry’s favorites. And even if it’s hard for him not to get carried away when it comes to feelings, he tries to give his two contenders every chance. Also, a good way for them to win the heart of the farmer would be to react to his lifelong project: building his house.

Thierry undertook, 26 years ago, to build a house with his hands all by himself. Unfortunately, according to the extract from the episode of Monday October 3 broadcast on the Instagram account of Love is in the meadow, the suitors of our darling ofADP are not packed.

Thierry presents his house, under construction, to his suitors

With Thierry, the contenders are very different from each other. Both physically and mentally. If they are both gentle, caring people who are ready to get involved in a romantic relationship, one is definitely more reserved than the other.

Those of the readers ofObjeko which followed the episodes of Love is in the meadow know that it is Sylviane who is more reserved than Rémédios. However, it is towards Sylviane that Thierry’s heart swings! Since the episodes of this season 17 have started, everyone hopes that whoever repeats “rogue fate” over and over again is not going to have their heart broken again.

Anyway, the episodes continue and Thierry tries to show restraint even if it is not in his nature. Moreover, he criticizes Rémédios for being too enterprising when he has the same behavior towards Sylviane. It’s the snake biting its tail!

An episode of Love is in the meadow which promises many twists

In the October 3 episode of Love is in the meadowThierry will once again be able to see very different reactions from his contenders. Since he is going to show them the house he has been building with his own hands for 26 years already.

According to the excerpt from the episode available on the Instagram account of Love is in the meadow, Thierry’s contenders will be somewhat worried. But not in the same way.

In effect, Sylviane is going to have a lot of trouble projecting herself. And she will realize that between all his activities, Thierry will have little time to devote to his companion. As for Rémédios, she will worry about the fact that the chosen one of her heart refuses to listen to her wise advice to adapt her projects to her future life partner.

In both cases, Thierry will have to comply with the demands of these ladies if he does not want to find himself once again all alone at the end of the adventure.

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Love is in the meadow: Thierry shows his house under construction and worries his suitors –

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