Guillaume l’Auvergnat (Love is in the meadow) thrilled: he makes a big announcement –

Guillaume lAuvergnat Love is in the meadow thrilled he makes

Advertising Fan of the sparkling look of Guillaume l’Auvergnat, know that since the end of the season, everything has changed. We take stock! It ends well 2022 Like his Limousin native first name clone, Guillaume l’Auvergnat shines. Indeed, since speed-dating, Tom intrigues her as much as tickles her curiosity. Despite the age difference, he seems … Read more

“Fluidity is a politeness towards the reader”, according to the Antibois Guillaume Musso, whose 20th novel comes out this Tuesday

On Animal Consciousness… and Animal Welfare

We may be accused of chauvinism, and yet it is not so. The new Guillaume Musso is excellent! Rhythmic, surprising, breathtaking, full of suspense and twists. Simply addicting! The Antibes author renews himself, while keeping the recipes that make him successful: an almost cinematographic writing that awakens all our senses, complex characters who offer us … Read more