This method is super effective to end procrastination, the pomodoro! –

To be effective in your work, there are several tips to achieve this. You still have to know them and apply them! In a society where everything is always going faster, where our faces are constantly fixed in front of our screens and social networks, it is difficult sometimes to be organized and stay focused on a task. So, we will explain in this article how to apply the pomodoro method. As you can imagine, with these Italian sounds, it is indeed an Italian student who created the concept in the 80s. Discover the method below!

This to be efficient and productive in your work!

The pomodoro technique is simply to set a specific amount of time to complete a task. This helps boost productivity and avoid procrastination. It is often said that you should not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. With the pomodoro method, it will become child’s play. The method was created by Francesco Cirillo. The young student figured out on his own how to get to work efficiently by dividing his work time into 25-minute segments. For this, he equipped himself with a timer called a “pomodori” in Italian, hence the name of the trick. The goal is therefore to avoid any dispersion and to stay focused on a single mission for 25 minutes.

Indeed, according to the young man, dividing the time allows you to be less fixed on the task overall and think about only one action to perform. In addition, the timer allows you to have a light and peaceful mind and it is no longer necessary to look at your mobile phone, which could just distract you. For information, pomodoro means tomato in Italian. You necessarily have in mind the image of a timer in the form of a tomato. Basically, this accessory is used in the kitchen to time the cooking time.

To go into a little more detail and give you the whole method, here is how to apply the pomodoro method in five steps.

Step 1 : first of all, the first thing is to make yourself comfortable at your desk or elsewhere and define the mission to be carried out. Then, set the time needed to perform it, between 20 and 30 minutes. Are you ready ? Let’s go ? Start the stopwatch. Best to avoid it being his cell phone.

2nd step : Work on the task for the set duration and stick to the rule.

Step 3 : when the session is over, it’s time to give yourself a five-minute break, but a real one! Indeed, this is not the time to go to the screens, to look at social networks or your emails. No, you have to clear your mind to make a real break in your task. Do not hesitate to go for a walk outside, for example.

Step 4 : After the break, you can start a new task and start the cycle again.

Step 5 : finally, it is very important every four pomodoro sessions to take a longer break. Instead of 5 minutes, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes.

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This method is super effective to end procrastination, the pomodoro! –

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