Astrology: here are the 5 astrological signs that have the highest IQ of the entire zodiac –

Adept or not of astrology, we have to face the facts. In the zodiac, some have the ability to stand out more than us!

Is astrology the key to understanding?

From the kindergarten playground, children analyze themselves in their own way. Indeed, if one of them stands out because of a detail, a terrible gear is set up. Often made of bullying on the physical qualities of one or the mental one of the other, this type of episodes can leave traces in adulthood. Subsequently, in college or high school, the situation sometimes turns sour and turn into bullying. However, some students manage to get out of the game. Wanting at all costs to store as much knowledge as possible, they ignore jealous remarks out of hand. And if our date of birth, in other words our astrology sign, affected our ability to memorize statements ? Objeko make the point !

What is the connection between the horoscope and this gift of nature?

As Objeko has already proven it to you, astrology can influence our behavior. For instance, in this article, you discovered that Cupid often uses it. Realizing that certain characters complement each other wonderfully, the angel of love aims and seems satisfied with the result. On the other hand, for singles, it’s a different story. When they are not lucky enough to find a soul mate, they devote their energy to their careers. This is why all the famous apprenticeships mentioned in the previous paragraph reappear. Without further ado, you will see that 5 zodiac signs would tend to protect themselves behind their high intelligence quotient.


In astrology, it is considered the most sensitive of the twelve. And for good reason, as soon as a glitch falls on him, he does not know how to manage other than with his good intentions. Able to mop up the pain of his loved ones, he finds it extremely difficult to channel his own. Therefore, based on his experiences, he tries to get out of it without leaving feathers. The less thanObjeko can say is that it is not a foregone conclusion. Fortunately, at the school of life, he was taught not to show too much what he feels under pain of being eaten raw by his opponents. Who will have the last word ? The mystery remains!

The cancer

Whole, this astrology sign does not take never tweezers to tell you things. Gifted to identify the personality of his acquaintances, he is straight in his boots. Also, when he has a crush, it shows like the nose in the middle of the face. Conversely, when someone annoys him, he cannot control his anger. Preferring to tell the truth rather than sugarcoat it, he doesn’t just make friends. You understood it without being drawn for you, better to be in your little papers than the other way around.


Attention, this astrology sign has a double personality. First of all, playful, he knows exactly how to integrate into a group and be appreciated. However, if something does not go in its direction, it can get out of hand in a few minutes. Instead of telling you straight up, he prefers clearly induce you In error. Small additional detail to know about this native of May/June, it is that he Always wants to have the last word. And sometimes, it can create tension in a couple or a group of friends! Be careful and beware of sleeping Gemini…it doesn’t bode well!

The Scorpion

Whenever we’ve asked for the advice of an astrological expert, the wickedness of Scorpio is put on the front of the stage. Indeed, unable to control himself, his excesses are famous throughout the zodiac. Gifted to manipulate those around you like pancakes, he has the bad attitude of distorting what happens to him. And sometimes, this gives rise to incredible misunderstandings. Once again, despite his above-average intelligence, keep an eye out!

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Astrology: here are the 5 astrological signs that have the highest IQ of the entire zodiac –

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