Guillaume l’Auvergnat (Love is in the meadow) thrilled: he makes a big announcement –


Fan of the sparkling look of Guillaume l’Auvergnat, know that since the end of the season, everything has changed. We take stock!

It ends well 2022

Like his Limousin native first name clone, Guillaume l’Auvergnat shines. Indeed, since speed-dating, Tom intrigues her as much as tickles her curiosity. Despite the age difference, he seems to have all the qualities he looks for in a man. Straight in his boots and head on his shoulders, he gladly accepts her invitation to the farm. Phew, honor is saved. On the spot, a seemingly innocuous dance will confirm her attraction. Let it be said, he doesn’t have Jean’s lack of tact with Laurence. On the other hand, it is obvious, he has need more than ever of this mini-sun in its existence.

During the assessment of the seventeenth part of Love is in the meadow, Karine Le Marchand rolls out the red carpet for them. Admittedly, this season has shattered audience records. Alas, as Cupid deplores, few candidates have managed to pick up the pieces of their broken souls. However, there is no question that the devil plays a bad trick on Guillaume l’Auvergnat. Serene, peaceful, her eyes sparkle when he announces their common goal for 2023. His mantra will leave no one in the production indifferent. ” To be happy (…) Above all, we have to think of ourselves and keep moving forward. » Ah if only a few had taken the seed… they wouldn’t be in a stalemate today!

Guillaume l’Auvergnat satisfied with his prince charming Tom

Unable to let go of a sole and can no longer bear the miles, little Tom packs his bags. In the spirit of the teamObjeko, the sequence where he presents to her all his animal friends remains etched in our memory. There is no doubt that Guillaume l’Auvergnat knew how to make room for newcomers in his farm. Moreover, speaking of that, he has just taken his finest pen 2.0. In front of his followers hungry for crisp details, he throws an incredible scoop.

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) guillaume_auvergne_adp17

How adorable is this little calf. Affected as a father of a large family would be, Guillaume l’Auvergnat decides on a birth announcement like no other. “His Gipsy mum is watching. He will get up [car] he is fresh from last night. He is not yet skilful on his feet (…)” Moreover, anxious to protect them from a distance without becoming intrusive, he specifies that he will slip away for a while. Again, his empathy is obvious. “They will both meet again. I will leave them so they can enjoy soaking up each other“. Oh that Tinker. He capsizes the hearts of the friends of the adventure of the M6 ​​dating show. It is clear that after the commotion caused by the technical team of Love is in the meadowhe will know how appease the spirits ! The rest, you will necessarily have it in one of our next issues!


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Guillaume l’Auvergnat (Love is in the meadow) thrilled: he makes a big announcement –

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