Fantasy in series: Who am I? Construction and Evolution of Identity in Fantasy Television Series

How to live 24 hours a day with the Holy

study day fantasy in series: call for papers Who am I ? Construction and evolution of identity in the television series of fantasy For the first time since its creation and that of Fantasy Art and Studiesthe association the imaginary heads join the podcast History in series to organize an online study day devoted to … Read more

Royal Speech of July 30. “Continue the construction of an advanced Morocco strong in its dignity” challenge

Royal Speech of July 30 Continue the construction of an

In His Speech, the Sovereign, in particular, emphasized the strategic importance of the continuity of the reforms initiated to enable women to fully play their role in human development. The development dynamic is necessarily collective. No citizen should be excluded. At the heart of this dynamic, women have their place. Its role is multidimensional. Moroccan … Read more

Rejection of appeals against the construction of the cable car in Jerusalem

Rejection of appeals against the construction of the cable car

The Supreme Court on Sunday rejected four appeals against the controversial plan to build a cable car to the Old City of Jerusalem, depriving its opponents of any legal recourse. Speaking on behalf of a three-judge panel, Judge Yosef Elron said the Court’s role was to intervene in fraudulent planning decisions or when developers made … Read more