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Bay leaf is known to be used in kitchen. Indeed, it gives flavor to all your recipes. But, this food has a lot other more spiritual benefits. The superstitious put it under their pillow, for example… We share with you all that it can bring you in your daily life. You will be amazed!

Everything you need to know about bay leaf and its benefits

A bay leaf has multiple uses and our elders understood this well. In effect, it’s not for nothing if she is used since the dawn of time. This plant represents power and success in general. For example, the word “baccalaureate” comes from the name of the plant laurel. Visually, laurel flowers are white with black dots. There is also oleander, toxic and used for decoration.

The benefits of bay leaf

A bay leaf can be eaten dried or fresh. It is particularly effective in the form infusion against bloating and digestive problems. The laurel also facilitates blood circulation and protects you from the sun’s rays. From a more spiritual point of view, the bay leaf can help you too.

1 Quiet nights without insomnia

If you put a bay leaf under your pillow, your nights could be sweeter. A very simple technique to fight insomnia until the early morning. This plant is antibacterial, antifungal and painkiller. So many benefits to help you relax, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

2 Answers in your dreams

In Asia, the laurel is considered a magic plant. So, with a bay leaf under your pillow, you might make premonitory dreams. For example, you can write a question or a decision on paper and position it with the plant under your cushion. Your dream will give you the answer

3 A Bay Leaf Keeps Nightmares Away

The bay leaf is also known to protect you and ward off nightmares. Don’t hesitate to suggest this trick to your children!

4 Protection against evil spirits

She you protects against nightmares, but also against evil spirits. So if you believe in ghosts and they bore you right now, put the package under your cushion. Unhealthy creatures will no longer take your energy during the night and you will wake up refreshed.

5 Be receptive to positive vibes

The bay leaf is also used in the field of love, to open one’s heart and that of those around him. She permits to increase its vibrations, which will inevitably attract people on the same wavelength.

6 This leaf to attract luck

If you believe in the law of attraction, you must have bay leaves. Since this plant is synonymous with power, it can also attract luck. The healthier and more positive the atmosphere around you (and under your pillow), the more you will attract good things. Same, if you don’t have the moral, try!

7 A bay leaf to ward off health problems

Laurel gives you a certain dynamic and a nice balance between your body and your mind. In addition, if you sleep better at night, it is also favorable for your state of health. Less stress, risk of depression and anxiety.

8 A plant that fights insects

Well, we saved the best for last! If you hate insectsknow that this plant will repel mosquitoes, bedbugs or lice. So, we do not hesitate to put some in the bed of the little ones.

Now that you know everything, immediately place a bay leaf under your pillow for your well-being!


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Put a bay leaf under your pillow before sleeping, it’s magic – Objeko.com

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