If You Have Trouble Sleeping, Try This 5-Minute Routine

Making lists before bed can help you fall asleep. Other tips to reach Morpheus more easily. Falling asleep is extremely difficult for some people. The reasons can be very varied. And it is often a vicious circle. Knowing that you have trouble falling asleep, becoming anxious about going to sleep, not being able to to … Read more

Yoga nidrâ, finding peace between waking and sleeping

Although it may be trendy at the moment, the practice of Yoga nidrâ is not new. “Relying on old tantric rituals more or less fallen into oblivion, the discipline was popularized in the West in the 1960s by the Indian Swami Satyananda Saraswati”, says Aurélie Joron, founder of the Samsara Yoga France school*. The principle … Read more

Yoga, swimming, lifting weights…: here are the exercises you can do in the evening without it preventing you from sleeping well afterwards

Are you one of those who do sports in the evening before going to sleep? Are you really sure this is the best option to achieve your goals? According to experts, exercising regularly has many benefits for the body, skin and brain. Physical activity is essential for maintaining a stable weight and leading a healthy … Read more