Dragon Ball Z: What if Dragon Ball Super was closer to the end of Z than we think?

Dragon Ball Z What if Dragon Ball Super was closer

A small detail in the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super confirms how long the series has left before reaching the end of Dragon Ball Z. By confirming the age of Pan, Goku’s niece and Gohan’s daughter, in the current series, Dragon Ball Super also fixed the time left before the child appears at the … Read more

At 27, this Riviera bodybuilder will participate in Mr. Olympia, the Super Bowl of bodybuilding in Las Vegas

The 5 tools you need to succeed according to Harvard

“SIf you want to do something with your life, we’ll help you, but you go all the way.” Encouraged by his family, Rodrigue Chesnier left to live in the United States at the age of 21, obtaining an “athlete” visa. The hours of training follow one another, day after day. The athlete’s involvement pays off … Read more

Top 25 funny tweets about the horoscope, this super reliable thing (yes) | Topito

Top 25 funny tweets about the horoscope this super reliable

Today the sun is in Libra, the moon in Scoprio and Neptune in Pisces, and you certainly don’t give a fuck if you too think that astrology is bogus. But admit, even behind your grumpy Scorpio airs, you too enjoy reading the horoscope when it predicts an unforgettable encounter in the coming days and unfailing … Read more

This method is super effective to end procrastination, the pomodoro! – Objeko.com

To be effective in your work, there are several tips to achieve this. You still have to know them and apply them! In a society where everything is always going faster, where our faces are constantly fixed in front of our screens and social networks, it is difficult sometimes to be organized and stay focused … Read more

Horoscope for Friday, October 7, 2022: these three super lucky signs today! – Here is

Horoscope for Friday October 7 2022 these three super lucky

Find your Horoscope for the day, sign by sign and all the astro forecasts for Friday, October 7, 2022. Love, work, health, money, we tell you who will be lucky in these areas! Aries, daily horoscope, Friday October 7, 2022 Aries (03/21-04/20), in love, if travel favors relationships for singles, as a couple, you will … Read more

Twitter: with Elon Musk, an uncertain future… within a “super app”?

Twitter with Elon Musk an uncertain future within a

Hectic week for the multiple personalities of Elon Musk. Last Friday, the engineer-star launched two prototypes of unconvincing humanoid robots. On Tuesday, the “tweetos” to 100 million subscribers proposed a highly criticized peace plan for the war in Ukraine. And on Wednesday, the capricious entrepreneur finally decided to buy Twitter at the price initially agreed … Read more

Rihanna stressed by her future concert at the Super Bowl 2023!

Rihanna stressed by her future concert at the Super Bowl

To TMZ, Rihanna expressed her stress at the idea of ​​​​performing the show during the Super Bowl in 2023. Find out why. Riri’ fans were over the moon when they heard the news. Indeed, the one who has just become a mother announced that she was going to perform the show at the next Super … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: here are the 10 most powerful characters in the universe of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

Dragon Ball Super here are the 10 most powerful characters

While many fans are surely waiting impatiently to be able to discover the rest of the manga Dragon Ball Super with the next chapter 88, the latest one has brought a conclusion to the granola the survivor sagaallowing the return of this great villain, synonymous with bad omen for our friends the Saiyans. While waiting … Read more

Prognosis and prediction of the Super Loto du Patrimoine: discover the most anticipated numbers of the moment

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

On the eve of the Super Loto du Patrimoine draw, it’s time to take stock of the hot and cold numbers of the moment! What are the numbers that chance has left the gambling spheres the least in recent months? Conversely, what are the numbers that are most often released in 2022, find the prognosis … Read more

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus all fronts open

Dragon Ball Super is entering an indefinite hiatus after the resolution of the Granola Saga. This indicates that Toyotaro, who is responsible for drawing the series’ monthly chapters and capturing Toriyama’s story and general ideas, is stopping for the first time in seven years since the series began. We do not know when he will … Read more