In Nice, dresses exhibited, muses and Pierre Cardin

1675347123 In Nice dresses exhibited muses and Pierre Cardin

Arranged on two stages on either side of the Depardieu Gallery, they face each other and welcome the visitor, like splendid sentinels. In a debauchery of red on one side, this so dazzling tone that is the “red Cardin”, in a camaieu of jet or scintillating black on the other, always of an absolute chic. … Read more

We show you around the Anantara, the 5-star hotel opening in Nice in place of the emblematic Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel is reborn. Just today. In 1848, it was one of the first tourist establishments in Nice. It was then called Hotel de France. It later took the name Plaza. After four years of closure and pharaonic works, the 140 meters of ocher facade stretched along the avenue de Verdun, become the Anantara … Read more

In the Nice RendezVous Notebook 2022 Week 47 – Violence against women, a reality too long ignored – 2022

In 1999, the United Nations (UN) chose to proclaim November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Things are moving, but there is still a lot to do for this to be properly taken into account in our society. SOCIETYDay against all violence against womenFilm “Women’s Response”Friday, November 25, 2022 … Read more

The Hotel La Pérouse**** in Nice closes its doors for major embellishment works – TendanceHotellerie

The Hotel La Perouse in Nice closes its doors for

It is the pearl of the Baie des Anges. The Hotel La Pérouse Nice is a hidden treasure, ideally nestled on the Castle Hill, at the entrance to the Promenade des Anglais, the Cours Saleya and the port. A trompe l’oeil establishment, the luxurious boutique hotel opened in 1936 appears 6 floors above a discreet … Read more

In Nice, the event exhibition of Jean-Luc Verna, the enfant terrible of contemporary art returns to his city

In Nice the event exhibition of Jean Luc Verna the enfant

Draftsman exhibited at MoMA in New York, dancer, singer, performer, Jean-Luc Verna from Nice returns to his hometown for an exhibition at the Espace à Vendre gallery. We met this extraordinary character, who knows how to be fully himself. And that does not leave indifferent. All you need to know about the Marseille-Cassis race: Race … Read more

Procès de l’attentat de Nice : des bienfaits du coup de pied au cul – Charlie Hebdo

D’après des victimes et des membres d’associations d’aide aux victimes, davantage de parties civiles auraient voulu s’exprimer, mais on manque simplement de temps. La date de clôture de ce procès est ferme, indépassable. Pourquoi ? Parce que, après, la salle est réservée. Comme pour un mariage au rabais dans un hôtel de province, pareil. J’aurais pu … Read more

Antivax, communication with UFOs and sectarian aberrations… Whistleblowers denounce a symposium that mixes science and religion at Valrose University in Nice

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

One puts online hypnosis videos to fight against recurrent cystitis. Another promotes reiki, a discipline that promises to heal “energy knots” by laying hands on them. There is also a Buddhist religious leader. And again – fasten your seat belts – the one who writes books on the links between consciousness and UFOs, for whom … Read more

Trial of the Nice attack: “Unfortunately, there is still a lot of hatred”, the painful testimony of Stéphane Erbs whose wife died on July 14, 2016

Trial of the Nice attack Unfortunately there is still a

Stéphane Erbs, a father living in Nord-Isère, testified on Friday at the Nice attack trial. He lost his wife, Rachel, on July 14, 2016 on the Promenade des Anglais. In the courtroom, he retraced every minute of that evening. It was the day he had been waiting for for over six years. Stéphane Erbs lost … Read more

Nice bombing trial. Adventurous and always smiling: Anne and Philippe Murris pay tribute to their daughter Camille

Our review of Blonde three hours of reflection on

Bring victims back to life. This is also what can be used to testify before the special assize court in the trial of the Nice attack which caused the death of 86 people on July 14, 2016. The parents of Camille, who died that evening in 27 years old, have chosen this path for their … Read more

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Notebook Week 38 – It’s Autumn – 2022

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Notebook Week 38 Its

After the heat wave, autumn arrives with its sunny days and cooler evenings. Cucurbits and other root vegetables are slowly replacing the tomato-eggplant-zucchini trio. THEATERSigning of the agreement between the City of Grasse, CAPG and Cours FlorentComplete an internship in Grasse with Cours FlorentCalendar of internships in GrasseFrom Monday December 26 to Friday December 30, … Read more