In Nice, dresses exhibited, muses and Pierre Cardin

1675347123 In Nice dresses exhibited muses and Pierre Cardin

Arranged on two stages on either side of the Depardieu Gallery, they face each other and welcome the visitor, like splendid sentinels. In a debauchery of red on one side, this so dazzling tone that is the “red Cardin”, in a camaieu of jet or scintillating black on the other, always of an absolute chic. … Read more

Pierre Vinclair, Torn Ideas. Tests & interviews

Hearthstone March of the Lich King Death Knight class new

The Snatched ideas collect forty essays published between 2015 and 2020. Of varying length, method and tone (from scientific articles to more ‘pataphysical ramblings), they concern the politics of literature; the translation ; questions of image and rhythm; the art of the sonnet; modern revivals of ancient epics; the figure of the wolf; grammatical poetry; … Read more

Like a mystic in ecstasy, the neo-Nîmes artist Pierre Parsus painted the invisible

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The artist, who died on January 1st, is on display at the Chabaud de Graveson museum (Bouches-du-Rhône). When Pierre Parsus came to settle in Nîmes in 1946 to paint in the colors of Cézanne and Van Gogh, the friend who welcomed him took him to the Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibition by … Read more

Galaxie Pierre Henry : l’autre coffret, pour l’éternité

Galaxie Pierre Henry lautre coffret pour leternite

Pierre Henry (1927-2017) : Galaxie. Le Voyage (1962) ; Prisme (1973) ; Variations pour une porte et un soupir (1963) ; Gouttes d’eau 2 (2008)* ; Messe de Liverpool (1967) ; La noire à 60 + Granulométrie (1967) ; Apocalypse de Jean (1968) ; Jérusalem (1968)* ; Mouvement-Rythme-Étude (1970) ; Futuristie (1975/1999) ; Pierres réfléchies (1982) ; Envol (2010) ; Coexistence (1958) ; Intérieur / Extérieur (1996) ; Dracula … Read more

New CCP lieutenant in Quebec | Pierre Paul-Hus is already looking to recruit

New CCP lieutenant in Quebec Pierre Paul Hus is already

(Ottawa) The political lieutenant in Quebec of the new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, MP Pierre Paul-Hus, says he is convinced that the agreement reached between the Trudeau government and the NDP, supposed to ensure the survival of the minority Liberals in the Commons until June 2025, will not last. Posted at 12:00 a.m. Joel-Denis Bellavance … Read more

Renault 5 Diamant: an electric show car with Pierre Gonalons

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The inspiration for Pierre Gonalons came from the decorative arts and more particularly from fine jewelry, which can be found in the precious and innovative details. Renault 5 Diamant retains the characteristic lines and iconic shape of the original “Supercar” that rolled off Renault’s production line in 1972, but beneath this familiar silhouette a profound … Read more

Sophie Thibault succeeds Pierre Bruneau | An offer she didn’t expect

Sophie Thibault succeeds Pierre Bruneau An offer she didnt

Sophie Thibault “noted anyone” when Pierre Bruneau announced last March that he was retiring. The branch manager saw herself “quietly ending” her mandate at the TVA News from 10 p.m., a newsletter she loves and has hosted for 20 years. And yet, three months later, it was announced that she would take her place at … Read more