Miss France: Camille Cerf very complex because of her weight gain?

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In Story of her Instagram account, Camille Cerf, the former Miss France confided in her subscribers about her weight gain! Very active on social networks, Camille Cerf confides very often about her daily life. Not long ago, the former Miss France confessed that she was very complex because of his weight gain. Camille Cerf (Miss … Read more

Camille Cerf to the angels: this big step that she crosses with her darling

Camille Cerf to the angels this big step that she

© VEEREN 1/12 – Camille Cerf and Theo FleuryCamille Cerf and Théo Fleury bought a house together. By Marine T. May 04, 2022 at 6:42 a.m. Very nice news for Camille Cerf. Tuesday May 3, 2022, on her Instagram account, she announced that she was taking a very important step with the man who shares … Read more

Camille Chamoux: “Finding people much more annoyed than me does me a lot of good” – La Vie Nouvelle

Camille Chamoux returns to us with a reflection on time, a theme as eternal as it is contemporary, particularly put to the test during confinement, imagined with the complicity of Camille Cottin and Vincent Dedienne. Calming the race against time, is that the urgency of the 70 minutes of your show? CCSoothing is really in … Read more