Video games: Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in its crazy university

Video games Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in

It was right in the middle of summer and the long holidays, with a curious sense of timing, that the small English team at Two Point Studios decided to publish their university city-builder. Four weeks later, the start of the new school year is successful and Two Point Campus, which places you at the head … Read more

Leisure – It’s almost back to school at the People’s University of Bourges

10 good reasons to eat figs So Busy Girls

Last Friday, the popular university presented its new season, under the leadership of its president, Dominique Paulin. He again presented a very eclectic program consisting of 101 courses and, among them, sixty-four new ones. These courses are distilled by fifty-two speakers, including fifteen new ones. “Courses can be anything from lectures to lectures or workshops. … Read more

Overview Two Point Campus – The first university that wants us to love class hours

Overview Two Point Campus The first university that wants

After a strong comeback 4 years ago with Two Point Hospitala worthy successor to the cult Theme Hospitalthe developers of Two Point Studios and SEGA will offer us this summer a new opus of the saga, devoted this time to higher education, via Two Point Campus. The game was supposed to be released on May … Read more

At the University of Geneva, Muslim students will pray at all costs

On April 21, an article appeared in topo, the student magazine of the University of Geneva, in which Kaouthar Najim recounts the daily life of Muslim students reduced to praying in a stairwell on campus. The reason? The University does not provide a room allowing the most observant students to perform their five daily prayers. … Read more

University censorship denial

Professor Manfredi of McGill University recently pointed out that we must defend academic freedom while ensuring that everyone feels included in our universities. This is a possible ideal, provided that neither academic freedom nor issues of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) become radicalized. If there were radicalization of one, it would give professors who, in … Read more