Want to improve your finances? Pay attention to your inner voice, you might learn something. – CNET

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This article is reproduced with permission from NerdWallet. The investment information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet does not provide advisory or brokerage services, and does not recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments. I can be so mean to myself. My inner critic … Read more

New York: How are companies enforcing the pay transparency law?

The 5 tools you need to succeed according to Harvard

Since 1er November, any job posting for a job opening in New York City must display the corresponding salary. The primary objective of this law, which applies to companies with four or more employees, is to reduce wage inequalities which continue to the detriment of women and ethnic minorities. But also to give weight to … Read more

Real estate credit: price to pay, independence and interest… 7 misconceptions about brokers

Real estate credit price to pay independence and interest 7

Do I owe money to a broker I worked with if I don’t get mortgage? With rising rates, is it really worth going through a broker? MoneyVox answers borrowers’ most frequently asked questions on the subject. For the past few weeks, taking out a mortgage with a bank has sometimes been an obstacle course. To … Read more

Nice bombing trial. Adventurous and always smiling: Anne and Philippe Murris pay tribute to their daughter Camille

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Bring victims back to life. This is also what can be used to testify before the special assize court in the trial of the Nice attack which caused the death of 86 people on July 14, 2016. The parents of Camille, who died that evening in 27 years old, have chosen this path for their … Read more

Spliiit defends legal sharing to pay less for its subscriptions

Spliiit defends legal sharing to pay less for its subscriptions

Isabelle and Julien have done their accounts. Between their subscriptions to the platforms of streaming, like Netflix, to those of online music, like Deezer, without forgetting their Dropbox, and other digital newspapers… they spend more than 60 euros per month! Enough is enough. Faced with galloping inflation, the young couple will have to make choices … Read more

Hear Bob Dylan pay tribute to the Grateful Dead

Julee Cruise, whose voice was an integral part of many Lynch projects such as ” Twin Peaks ” and ” blue-velvet “, died at the age of 65. Singer Julee Cruise, whose haunting voice made her a favored collaborator with filmmaker David Lynch, has died aged 65. The news has been confirmed on Facebook by … Read more

Calm meditation app could pay you $5,000 for 60 seconds of work – Reuters News in France and abroad

Calm, a meditation and wellness company, is looking for a voice that puts people to sleep. And he hopes to find that voice on TikTok. The company recently posted a video on the social media platform announcing its upcoming Voice of Calm contest, which will select the entrant with the most soothing voice to record … Read more