In the Nice RendezVous Notebook 2022 Week 47 – Violence against women, a reality too long ignored – 2022

In 1999, the United Nations (UN) chose to proclaim November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Things are moving, but there is still a lot to do for this to be properly taken into account in our society. SOCIETYDay against all violence against womenFilm “Women’s Response”Friday, November 25, 2022 … Read more

Mois sans tabac 2022 : l’AP-HP au rendez-vous

Mois sans tabac 2022 lAP HP au rendez vous

L’AP-HP propose des prises en charge de prévention et de traitement du tabagisme dans ses hôpitaux. Elles sont accessibles à tous, adultes, jeunes, femmes enceintes, présentant ou non des pathologies associées, qu’il s’agisse de patients externes ou hospitalisés. Vidéo : Mois sans tabac relever le défi avec les professionnels de l’AP-HP MOIS SANS TABAC 2022 : LES ACTIONS … Read more

Our districts of Dieppe have an incredible talent: massages, fashion and music at the rendezvous

Our districts of Dieppe have an incredible talent massages fashion

By Maxime Cartier Published on 27 Sep 22 at 15:12 Dieppe Information See my news Follow this media Each candidate excels in his talent and intends to show it to the public on October 1, 2022 in Neuville-lès-Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) (©DR) As part of the competition Our neighborhoods Dieppe (Seine Maritime) have incredible talent scheduled for … Read more

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Notebook Week 38 – It’s Autumn – 2022

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Notebook Week 38 Its

After the heat wave, autumn arrives with its sunny days and cooler evenings. Cucurbits and other root vegetables are slowly replacing the tomato-eggplant-zucchini trio. THEATERSigning of the agreement between the City of Grasse, CAPG and Cours FlorentComplete an internship in Grasse with Cours FlorentCalendar of internships in GrasseFrom Monday December 26 to Friday December 30, … Read more

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Diary Week 25 – An ungovernable country? – 2022

In the Nice RendezVous 2022 Diary Week 25 An

As General de Gaulle said: “How do you want to govern a country where there are 258 varieties of cheese? From his Elysian Olympus, President Jupiter has just discovered a France that had eluded him during his first five-year term! EXHIBITIONSPat de Wilde exhibition – “Revealed Views”From June 12 to July 5, 2022Bogena Gallery777 route … Read more

Who is Manon Hache, founder of Rendez-Vous Vintage?

A Burberry Vintage trench coat at only 15 euros per kilo? Unheard of, except at Manon Hache. This young 30-year-old from Mons organizes vintage meetings twice a month. These events, dear to the hearts of fashion fans and vintage lovers, have been organized for almost 10 years now. A real success story. It is 2 … Read more

Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

Astrology offers you multiple tools that help you gather information and understand the different challenges and learnings you will face in your life. One of these tools is the Solar Revolution. This technique is one of the most widespread in astrology and it is used with the purpose of knowing the energies that will reign … Read more

Lunel: well-being on the program of the next thematic day of the P’tit rendez-vous

Lunel well being on the program of the next thematic day

The young association, which wishes to promote intercultural and intergenerational links, has called on well-being professionals to lead various workshops, this Saturday, April 23, on the forecourt of the old station. It’s a day against stress and small or big hassles that is being prepared on the forecourt of the old station. This Saturday, April … Read more