Antivax, communication with UFOs and sectarian aberrations… Whistleblowers denounce a symposium that mixes science and religion at Valrose University in Nice

One puts online hypnosis videos to fight against recurrent cystitis. Another promotes reiki, a discipline that promises to heal “energy knots” by laying hands on them. There is also a Buddhist religious leader. And again – fasten your seat belts – the one who writes books on the links between consciousness and UFOs, for whom “the future already realized is not incompatible with free will”and for whom vaccination, which he fights, is “a prelude to human tracing”then in the transhumanist era.

No, we are not at the salon of spiritual leaders and alternative medicine gurus but at Valrose, the very official Nice University of Sciences, which is hosting a series of conferences this Saturday around the theme “Sciences and Buddhism, do we choose our destiny?”. An appointment whose detail has revolted several whistleblowers who fight on social networks against misinformation and scientific fraud.

“The university gives them credibility”

“We are in full mindfulnessmindfulness meditation, a concept created by Westerners who have created a kind of franchise, a real business that is always based on the same bogus studies”underlines Alexander Samuel, anti-intox activist from the Riviera.

What makes him tick is the list of speakers. Locals for the most part, who know each other. Admittedly, they have diplomas, but some of them gravitate around scientifically contested disciplines and pointed out by the Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Abuses (1): mindfulness meditation, anthroposophy, reiki, etc.

“You just have to dig a little bit and you realize that behind, there are all these structured and organized networks, continues Alexander Samuel. We are not going to ban freedom of expression. The problem here is that there is the stamp of the university which gives them credibility, a scientific veneer”.

Communication with UFOs

Main reproach, the invitation of Philippe Guillemant. Physicist at the CNRS but whose theories on time, the relations between consciousness and UFOs have nothing to do with his work in this public body. On the other hand, he uses his status to give his conferences and to militate against what he calls the “scientism, a religion based on the idea that only the scientific method provides access to truth”.

Above all, he is a central player in Réinfocovid, an antivax collective founded during the pandemic by Louis Fouché, which the Action antifouchiste account describes as “flagship of disinformation” on Covid.

“The question of the vaccine is not at all the subject of the daysweeps Thierry Long, researcher at the Laboratory of Clinical and Cognitive Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Nice-Côte-d’Azur, and organizer of the event. He is antivax, I don’t see the problem. I myself am not vaccinated. I had the intuition that it would not be for my well-being, nor that of those around me.

“Religion and science can feed each other”

He does not understand the critics and regrets that we do not talk about the substance: “The subject is free will and determinism. The rapprochement between science and Buddhism dates from the 1970s. Religion is not drowned in science. The two can feed each other, creating new hypotheses of research.”

“If scientists are to fully embrace current scientific knowledge, we all quit,” defends Thierry Long, highlighting the diplomas of each other. The rest is up to “private life”according to him. “I didn’t know about reiki, as I’m not aware of all the personal dimensions of my colleagues. I have a tennis degree, is that sectarian?”

In a seminar posted online in April 2021 in which Thierry Long and Alice Guyon, research director at the CNRS, who claims to have followed a diploma in mindfulness meditation and who will also speak this Saturday, participated, the researchers described themselves as “resisters inside the academy”.

(1) In particular because they isolate people or they wrongly promise to treat, leading to abandonment of conventional treatments.

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Antivax, communication with UFOs and sectarian aberrations… Whistleblowers denounce a symposium that mixes science and religion at Valrose University in Nice

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