School: mindfulness meditation suspected of sectarian drift

Sit down, breathe, pay attention to the present moment. For the past ten years, mindfulness meditation (MPC) has been used in some schools to improve the classroom atmosphere and promote student concentration. Faced with a generalized loss of attention, the practice even arouses a certain enthusiasm. Today, however, it is singled out by several associations. … Read more

Sectarian drift: how to help a loved one get out of it?

Your sister has invested in yet another training course to become rich? Has your companion drastically changed his behavior since he’s been seeing a whole new group of friends? Your best friend assures you that she can now cure any disease with magical thinking? Be careful, your loved one may have fallen into the hands … Read more

Sectarian excesses: “White wolf”, a rapist disguised as a shaman?

the essential In December 2021, Cyrille Adam, better known by his followers as the “White Wolf”, was arrested and indicted. A self-proclaimed shaman within the community he created, he allegedly raped and sexually abused several of his disciples. Five women and one man filed a complaint. Others may follow. He denies everything. The Château de … Read more