Dragon Ball Super: here are the 10 most powerful characters in the universe of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

While many fans are surely waiting impatiently to be able to discover the rest of the manga Dragon Ball Super with the next chapter 88, the latest one has brought a conclusion to the granola the survivor sagaallowing the return of this great villain, synonymous with bad omen for our friends the Saiyans. While waiting for the work of Toriyama and of Toyotaro begins its new narrative arc, it’s the perfect time to find out what are thethe most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super to date, knowing that some recent developments seem to have brought some small changes to the hierarchy already in place. Note that this selection is not intended to establish a classification of characters as such, but rather to present those whose power level has been established in the work.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super, if you’re going to read it, look no further.

10) Jiren

We couldn’t start this selection without mentioning this character discovered during the saga of the Survival of the Universe, and which is probably among the favorite characters of the fans. Jiren hails from Universe 11, and is considered one of the Tournament of Power’s favorites, thanks to his reputation as “the mortal mightier than his God of Destruction”.. The member of the Pride Troopers has indeed an extraordinary power which, coupled with his character both calm and taciturn, make the character one of the most charismatic in the work. According to Whis, Jiren would even exceed the level of a God of Destruction (or Hakaï-Shin). He is the one who will force Goku to awaken to Ultra Instincta technique difficult to attain for the gods themselves.

Why Jiren

9) Vegeta

Both friend and eternal rival of Goku, the Prince of the Saiyans went from being an antagonist when he was introduced in Dragon Ball Z, eventually becoming one of the main protagonists as the work developed. But if the character has become something of an anti-hero over the years, his desire to match and surpass Goku has essentially always remained the same, allowing the two Saiyans to constantly push their limits and reach new levels of power. That’s why when Goku reached a new stage by mastering Ultra Instinct, Vegeta had to find a new technique too. This is how fans were able to discover the new form used by Vegeta in Chapter 74, called the Ultra Ego. When Vegeta is in this form, he uses the Power of Destruction, recognizable by his hair whose color tends towards purple. But this technique turns out to be a double-edged sword: indeed, the more damage Vegeta takes, the stronger he becomes. However, if the form is not mastered, it can inflict heavy damage on its user.


8) Granola

Being one of the main characters of the last arc, Granola is a bounty hunter who worked on behalf of the Heaters, a criminal group that once occupied the ranks of Frieza’s army. He is also known to be the last survivor of the planet Cereal, whose race was wiped out by the Saiyans on Frieza’s orders.. Driven by his desire for revenge against the intergalactic tyrant and the Saiyans, he will be manipulated by the Heaters and will thus be led to fight against Goku and Vegeta, allowing the latter to awaken to the Ultra Ego. The Cerealian had managed to rise in power thanks to Toronbo, the magic dragon of his home planet. Just like Shenron, Toronbo has the ability to grant wishes, Granola having then wished to be the strongest in the universe. And while he’s able to hold his own against the Saiyans, fans will learn later that Granola isn’t the only one to have made that wish.

I drew Granola in a DBZ style.  : r/dbz

7) Goku

If Goku is constantly put in difficulty in the face of new adversaries, he remains the eternal protagonist of the work, allowing him to constantly reach new levels of power, and thus to maintain his place among the strongest fighters in the universe. One of the latest forms he has managed to master is none other than Ultra Instinct, a divine state granting him his most powerful form yet.. If this technique allows him to significantly increase his reflexes and his agility, it is not without risks. Because when Goku loses this form, he enters a state of total exhaustion, leaving him particularly vulnerable. The last arc also revealed that there are several stages to this state, and that at the moment Goku has only really mastered a tiny part of them..

Dragon Ball Super introduces a new dimension to the

6) Gas

This Heater member also vowed to be number 1 in the universe, thus having power to match Vegeta and Goku in their best form. He will also be able to defeat Granola when the latter joins the Saiyans, proving how formidable he has become as a fighter. However, the unexpected arrival of Frieza seems to have completely upset the established order.and the character will come to an end that is as tragic as it is expeditious.

OC]Gas Dbs Chapter 78!  Do you guys think Ultra Instinct or Ultra Ego can beat him?  : r/dbz

5) Frieza

One of the most iconic villains in the work, Frieza has reappeared many times, regularly unveiling new forms, with the ambition of surpassing his eternal enemies, namely the Saiyans. Lately, fans have just been able to witness the great return of the character in chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Superwho manages to get rid of Gas with disconcerting ease. But the intergalactic tyrant will reveal above all that after training for ten years in a Hall of Spirit and Time that he found on planets he conquered, he obtained a new transformation, titled Black Frieza . While in this form, Frieza showed that he was now able to beat Vegeta Goku with a single hit, while the latter were in Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively.

Por qué Black Frieza tiene sentido en Dragon Ball Super

4) Beerus

Beerus is a major character in Dragon Ball Super, as the God of Destruction of Universe 7the universe from which Goku and the other protagonists of dragonball. As their names indicate, the Gods of Destruction, a sort of opposite counterpart to the Kaïô-Shin, are divine beings who figure among the most powerful in their respective universes. They aim to maintain balance in their universes by destroying certain planets. But if the Gods of Destruction are terribly powerful, there are other entities capable of surpassing them.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Goku Black, Hit and Beerus announced in Shōnen Jump

3) Whistles

And among these entities, we find in particular the Angels, responsible for serving, training and guiding the Gods of Destruction.. The best known remains Whis, the Angel assigned to Universe 7 and servant of Beerus. In terms of power, Whis greatly surpasses his master, showing on different occasions that he was capable of real exploits, by simply canceling certain events that took place, for example. But the latter have taken a vow of neutrality and are not supposed to interfere with the events that could take place. The only real help they can provide is their training..

Whis - Dragon Ball Super |  Goku Shop

2) High Priest

The High Priest (or Daishinkan in VO) is the father of all the Angels who assist the Gods of Destruction, and resides in the Palace of Zeno. If to this day the character still remains very mysterious, we could see at certain moments of the work how impactful he seemed, not seeming to fear the leader of the 12 Universes more than that. He also seems to be able to speak in place of the king, which therefore indicates that he is among the most influential entities, all universes combined.

Dragon Ball Super: Masaya Takatsuka plays the High Priest - Dragon Ball Super - France

1) Zeno

He is the ruler of the 12 Universes, and as such, has immeasurable power. While the character’s personality remains as enigmatic as his true power, Zeno’s potential is known to be among the highest of all the universes. For the moment, we do not know the extent of his powers, but we do know that he has a form of invulnerability, or that he has the ability to “erase” a person instantly, as he did with Frost during the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super: Who is Zen

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Dragon Ball Super: here are the 10 most powerful characters in the universe of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

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