Rihanna stressed by her future concert at the Super Bowl 2023!

To TMZ, Rihanna expressed her stress at the idea of ​​​​performing the show during the Super Bowl in 2023. Find out why.

Riri’ fans were over the moon when they heard the news. Indeed, the one who has just become a mother announced that she was going to perform the show at the next Super Bowl. A colossal challenge that presents itself to Rihanna and which seems to stress her a lot.

New star for the Super Bowl

Because yes, if some French people do not bring importance to this world event, there are still many American football fans. In fact, many will still be watching the next championship final in a few months.

To see a great show on the pitch at first, but also to discover Rihanna. As every year, an international star will ensure the show of the break and it is none other than Riri who was chosen for this edition.

As a reminder, last year’s had marked the spirits. Given that Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J Blige or Eminem, offered a show of madness to the public and to the viewers. Because yes, the show must be grandiose.

And maybe that’s why A$AP Rocky’s girlfriend has already planned a few surprises. Surprises that should amaze his fans, but above all make them very happy. Especially when you know who she wants to perform with.

In effect, Kanye West, Drake, or even Jay-Z could sing alongside him on stage! At least that’s what TMZ suggests. By recalling the many feats of Rihanna with these three “monsters”, there is no doubt that she could involve them.

If so, we could once again attend a show that will mark the spirits. But their presence could also allow the young mother to be less stressed at the idea of ​​performing the show in front of millions of people.

Rihanna already stressed for the Super Bowl

Because even if she has already given concerts in front of thousands of fans, the Super Bowl has another status. The stadium will be full and above all, millions of people will be behind the television. Riri knows it well.

And that’s probably why she didn’t hide his growing stress to the idea of ​​performing at halftime. It’s in an interview for TMZ that Rihanna was being honest about the challenge in front of her.

“I’m nervous…but I’m excited”. She assured our colleagues. However, this show, she could have already ensured it a few years ago. Except that she declined the NFL’s offer for a specific reason.

Since at the time Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, caused controversy. He put his knee to the ground during the national anthem. In protest against police brutality and social injustice, recalls Page Six.

I couldn’t dare to do that. Why ? Who wins? Not my people. I just couldn’t be sold out. I could not “. Explained Rihanna to Vogue, at the time, to explain the reason for her refusal.

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Rihanna stressed by her future concert at the Super Bowl 2023!

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