When TikTok turns into a crystal ball

When TikTok turns into a crystal ball

“Gwhimsical enamel with adventurous Sagittarius ascendant”, “cartomancer and astrologer” or even “medium and energetician”… crystal” or “sign of the zodiac”. Some TikTok and Instagram users are even giving in to the afterlife frenzy. “No hashtag, only destiny” card draws, “lions vs. scorpions” parody videos, live pendulum tests, these publications arouse many debates and reactions. For … Read more

Motor Show: the debutante ball

CCQUEEN presents the album Scavenger

Available in 2023, the new American electric SUV Fisker Ocean, a leisure-oriented model, announces 440 km of autonomy. Fisker Inc. New players are taking advantage of the ecological transition to conquer a rapidly changing market. Promising start-ups, exotic builders or Chinese auto giants: who would have thought that illustrious strangers could take on such a … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: here are the 10 most powerful characters in the universe of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

Dragon Ball Super here are the 10 most powerful characters

While many fans are surely waiting impatiently to be able to discover the rest of the manga Dragon Ball Super with the next chapter 88, the latest one has brought a conclusion to the granola the survivor sagaallowing the return of this great villain, synonymous with bad omen for our friends the Saiyans. While waiting … Read more

Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of the Saiyans of Dragon Ball?

Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of

In Dragon Ball, the name of the Saiyans is always inspired by names of vegetables. There’s no reason for it, and there’s not even any relationship between the characters and the vegetables in the show. It’s just a mechanism set up by Akira Toriyama in his manga, just for fun. And the Saiyans are not … Read more

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus all fronts open

Dragon Ball Super is entering an indefinite hiatus after the resolution of the Granola Saga. This indicates that Toyotaro, who is responsible for drawing the series’ monthly chapters and capturing Toriyama’s story and general ideas, is stopping for the first time in seven years since the series began. We do not know when he will … Read more

Dragon Ball: Who is the most powerful God of Destruction? – melty

By The Worm Brush – Published on June 11, 2022 at 10:55 The Gods of Destruction are on a mission to destroy planets in order to maintain balance in the universe. Possessing a vital link with the Gods of Creation, they can be fearsome warriors thanks to their divine power. But have you ever wondered … Read more

The Grand Ball by Youssou N’Dour

The Grand Ball by Youssou NDour

On June 18, 2022 at the Accor Arena in Paris, the illustrious Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour will revitalize the Super Étoile de Dakar, during a scintillating evening that the pandemic had tarnished. The Grand Bal is back and this annual event, which thousands of aficionados have fervently acclaimed for 20 years, is an opportunity to … Read more

Stop whatever you are doing. On name drop athletes of the 2000s – Curved Ball

Stop whatever you are doing On name drop athletes of

My colleague from LaPresse+, Alexandre Pratt, made me dive into nostalgia on Friday morning. You can kind of see me as a millennial Michel Barrette. I’m nostalgic for what happened to me last week. The columnist of the Montreal daily likes to offer us “statistics that will blow our brains”. On Friday, he opted instead … Read more

Territories of Morocco, the new frontiers of investment: Drâa-Tafilalet opens the ball

Territories of Morocco the new frontiers of investment Draa Tafilalet opens

Land Drâa Regional Investment Center–Tafilalet has inaugurated a series events organized by the Think Tank Al Softnottada under the theme “ Territories of Morocco, the new frontiers of investment ». These events are part of the vision of His Majesty The King May God Assist Him, and aim to promote investment at the territorial level … Read more

The Lebanese in front of the crystal ball

Is our future between clairvoyance and divination? The questions fuse between Lebanese men and women. What will happen tomorrow? Where is the country going? Meanwhile, our politicians continue the trick-or-treating policy. The country is deteriorating at all levels… It is impossible to imagine a sector in good working order. Politicians are fakers. They are not … Read more