Dragon Ball Z: What if Dragon Ball Super was closer to the end of Z than we think?

Dragon Ball Z What if Dragon Ball Super was closer

A small detail in the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super confirms how long the series has left before reaching the end of Dragon Ball Z. By confirming the age of Pan, Goku’s niece and Gohan’s daughter, in the current series, Dragon Ball Super also fixed the time left before the child appears at the … Read more

Calpheon Ball 2022: Black Desert Highlights Twin Classes, Reveals The Land Of The Morning Light Will Be Available In 2023 – Persistent Worlds

Calpheon Ball 2022 Black Desert Highlights Twin Classes Reveals The

In a gigantic livestream event hosted by Calpheon Ball in Long Beach, California, Pearl Abyss ended 2022 on a high, revealing details about the MMO’s first-ever twin classes, along with a sneak peek at a new region coming to Black Desert Online next year. Calpheon Ball 2022 was Pearl Abyss’ first major event in North … Read more

Dragon Ball: 10 characters with more potential than Gohan | Pretty Reel

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will soon be returning with a free next-gen update followed soon after by a new season pass for the game that will begin with DLC focusing on Bardock, Goku’s father. Fans can expect to play as Bardock in January 2023. Fans should be ready to come back and play with some … Read more

When TikTok turns into a crystal ball

When TikTok turns into a crystal ball

“Gwhimsical enamel with adventurous Sagittarius ascendant”, “cartomancer and astrologer” or even “medium and energetician”… crystal” or “sign of the zodiac”. Some TikTok and Instagram users are even giving in to the afterlife frenzy. “No hashtag, only destiny” card draws, “lions vs. scorpions” parody videos, live pendulum tests, these publications arouse many debates and reactions. For … Read more

Motor Show: the debutante ball

CCQUEEN presents the album Scavenger

Available in 2023, the new American electric SUV Fisker Ocean, a leisure-oriented model, announces 440 km of autonomy. Fisker Inc. New players are taking advantage of the ecological transition to conquer a rapidly changing market. Promising start-ups, exotic builders or Chinese auto giants: who would have thought that illustrious strangers could take on such a … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: here are the 10 most powerful characters in the universe of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

Dragon Ball Super here are the 10 most powerful characters

While many fans are surely waiting impatiently to be able to discover the rest of the manga Dragon Ball Super with the next chapter 88, the latest one has brought a conclusion to the granola the survivor sagaallowing the return of this great villain, synonymous with bad omen for our friends the Saiyans. While waiting … Read more

Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of the Saiyans of Dragon Ball?

Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of

In Dragon Ball, the name of the Saiyans is always inspired by names of vegetables. There’s no reason for it, and there’s not even any relationship between the characters and the vegetables in the show. It’s just a mechanism set up by Akira Toriyama in his manga, just for fun. And the Saiyans are not … Read more

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus all fronts open

Dragon Ball Super is entering an indefinite hiatus after the resolution of the Granola Saga. This indicates that Toyotaro, who is responsible for drawing the series’ monthly chapters and capturing Toriyama’s story and general ideas, is stopping for the first time in seven years since the series began. We do not know when he will … Read more