Prognosis and prediction of the Super Loto du Patrimoine: discover the most anticipated numbers of the moment

On the eve of the Super Loto du Patrimoine draw, it’s time to take stock of the hot and cold numbers of the moment! What are the numbers that chance has left the gambling spheres the least in recent months? Conversely, what are the numbers that are most often released in 2022, find the prognosis of our editorial staff for this Super Loto du Patrimoine draw.

Super Loto prediction: the numbers to play for the Heritage draw

Before continuing this article, you should know that there is no martingale to be certain of winning the Lotto. Similarly, the statistical analysis of past Loto draws cannot constitute the slightest proof of future numbers. All the draws being independent of each other, each of the 19 million combinations has the same chance of leaving the Super Loto sphere. Thus, seeing an astonishing result 1,2,3,4,5 and the Chance number 6 has the same chances of coming out as a more “classic” combination consisting of the numbers 12, 21, 26, 31, 42 and the Chance number 7.

Never mind, numerology enthusiasts and the most superstitious players will be able to find their account in our prediction of the day which mixes, via a “prediction” algorithm, all the numbers drawn, their frequency of appearance or absence of appearance and brings out 11 numbers likely to be drawn by lot as well as 3 Chance numbers.

The prognosis for this Heritage Super Loto

🔥 Hot numbers: 39 25 19 8 18 34 42 12 14 32 and 45.

🍀 Lucky numbers to follow: 8, 2 and 6.

Friday September 16, 2022 €13,000,000 day hour min dry To play

The 5 numbers most often drawn in the Loto

Between the numbers most often drawn and those least often represented in the winning combinations, there is sometimes a very significant difference. With our data for all Loto draws since 2008, we note some 25% difference between the number least often drawn in the Loto, #39 which appeared only 204 times and #41 which appeared most often, 268 times.

Among the list of 49 possible numbers to play the Loto, find below the list of 5 numbers which have been chosen by chance the greatest number of times.

🔥 The 5 numbers most often released in the Loto are:

41: Released 268 times.

22: Released 261 times.

13: Released 256 times.

38: Released 248 times.

15: Released 246 times.

🍀 Lucky Number: 7 came out 246 times

The 5 least often drawn numbers in the Loto

Unlike numbers that have benefited from luck, there are those for whom the Lotto number life is more complicated and who tend to stay in the sphere much more often than outside, under the fire of the spotlights.

Thus, the 5 coldest numbers (less often released) in the Loto since 2008 are the following:

❄ the 5 numbers drawn the least often in the Loto are:

18: Released 212 times.

8: Released 209 times.

19: Released 207 times.

25: Released 206 times.

39: Released 204 times.

🍀 Lucky Number: 8 came out 204 times

Chance allows all interpretations and the magic around the numbers has remained intact for millennia. Men and women like numbers, some have a particular affect when others go, conversely, to evoke nothing at all. Lottery games where chance contributes 100% to the results allow dreams, hope and superstition. To this, the statistical analysis of Lotto numbers is a stone that many players use to build their game combination.

For this Heritage Super Loto, why not try your luck by using all or part of our numbers located in our forecast? We hope luck will be on your side!

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto statistics

What are the numbers to play for this Heritage Super Loto?

According to our prediction algorithm, the hottest numbers of the moment are the following: 39 25 19 8 18 34 42 12 14 32 and 45 as well as the Chance numbers 2, 6 and 8. These numbers are those which appear the least often from those last weeks.

What are the 5 numbers most often drawn in the Loto since 2008?

Numbers 41, 22, 13, 38 and 15 are the numbers that have most often come out of the Loto gaming sphere since 2008. These numbers have all been drawn + 240 times.

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Prognosis and prediction of the Super Loto du Patrimoine: discover the most anticipated numbers of the moment

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