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Today the sun is in Libra, the moon in Scoprio and Neptune in Pisces, and you certainly don’t give a fuck if you too think that astrology is bogus. But admit, even behind your grumpy Scorpio airs, you too enjoy reading the horoscope when it predicts an unforgettable encounter in the coming days and unfailing health. You are toast.

1. Bad as Libra (sorry)

2. All the same these Capricorns

3. Too many Aries that

6. I love how astrology has gone from reading their sun sign’s horoscope to everyone knowing their full birth chart.

7. It’s the editorial intern’s fault

8. It’s well known, these Pisces are weird

9. Are they spying on us or what?

10. Horoscope: you’re probably breathing / People:

11. Ah it’s closed! Ah mash, olalaaa

13. Why didn’t the moon predict it??

14. Me reading a guy’s horoscope to see how he’ll treat me

15. Running

16. You mean they’re like us?

17. Clear, crisp and precise

18. Always the most loved Leos anyway

19. But no? But your mouth??

20. Aquarius: be careful, stay focused at work or your colleagues will make you pay for it

21. Nah, no but it’s just to check, don’t worry!

22. Let him be tenured!

23. It’s a miracle!

24. But is this horoscope really wrong, huh?

25. The only way to start a day right

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Top 25 funny tweets about the horoscope, this super reliable thing (yes) | Topito

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