Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Dragon Ball Super is entering an indefinite hiatus after the resolution of the Granola Saga. This indicates that Toyotaro, who is responsible for drawing the series’ monthly chapters and capturing Toriyama’s story and general ideas, is stopping for the first time in seven years since the series began. We do not know when he will return, because no date has been given, but we know that the reason is to be able to calmly prepare the next adventures of Goku and company.

A well-deserved rest for Toyotaro, who after some hesitant beginnings has managed to give drawing and rhythm to the thumbnails in many exalted moments, especially during the Moro saga and making us see a future Trunks much more similar to that of the manga that we met in Z than what we saw in the anime for example. But it’s not a total break as it will propose the next steps. What do we have waiting in Dragon Ball Super and where can the shots go? We examine it below.

The most immediate: the new Black Frieza

Most obvious of all that remains to be known in the future is what happens to Black Frieza, the Emperor’s most powerful transformation that allowed him to defeat Goku and Vegeta for the first time since they were able to each other. transform into Super Saiyan. It’s an immeasurable power after 10 years of training in a hyperbolic chamber, but as he explains at the end of chapter 87, he has other targets than at the moment the saiyans. What are you looking for? Who or what do you want to face? We’ll see what happens now that Frieza is a worthy rival.

Broly is alive and has a lot to say

Another of the open folders in Dragon Ball Super is Broly. The legendary Saiyan finished Goku well and returned to the planet where he had been banished long ago. Broly’s return is as evident as in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, he trains on Beerus’ planet with Goku and Vegeta. So his role as third saiyan in discord, controlling his power and others is a path that will have to be explored.

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Uub is already a reality in Super (and was key to the Moro saga)

Another important figure is that of Uub, the reincarnation of Buu that Goku requested at the end of Dragon Ball Z. We know that the character is already a reality because during the Moro saga he gave his energy to help the Saiyans to defeat the evil villain. . . Neither Goku nor Vegeta know where all that power came from, but it’s clear that Uub is going to get his head up sooner rather than later. Is he the strongest warrior in the universe who Whis says might have already been born at the end of chapter 87? Maybe that’s good.

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

Everything in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, are we nearing the end of Z?

The new film which opens on September 2 in France will also have an obvious impact on the future of Dragon Ball Super. Without going into spoilers, we know that Gohan and Piccolo will reach new heights to overcome new challenges, that Pan is already training and that Goten and Trunks are already teenagers like in the end of Dragon Ball Z. Will they all have a more relevant role? in super? It’s one of the requests and having a movie where Goku isn’t the protagonist seems like an indication.

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

What if Beerus sees that the Z Fighters are too powerful?

One of the most curious figures in the entire Super Network is Beerus, the God of Destruction. For the moment his interventions are surgical and he always seems to be at a higher stage, but the techniques of ultra-instinct and mega-instinct are taking shape and power. Can Bills accept that there are beings in his universe who come close to or surpass him in power? This can lead to an unexpected new path.

Beyond the ending that Toriyama designed for Dragon Ball Z

For the moment, Dragon Ball Super is located in this time interval between the death of Kid Buu and the end of the series, which indicates years of peace (it was said in Dragon Ball Z, but we already see that this it’s not the case) . But given the pace of release, the above, and continuing to be a huge source of income for Toei – the license that earns him the most – it’s clear that there will come a time when Goku’s end with Uub will be overcome and will pass on. Will we see it soon? We don’t think so, but it’s something that will almost certainly come back.

Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

All this can be, as it can also be that they surprise us with things that have nothing to do with these moments and these characters. The unexpected has always been the hallmark of Dragon Ball. Now we just have to wait patiently for him to come back.

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Dragon Ball Super goes on indefinite hiatus: all fronts open for its return

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